#19 – How To Win The Game Of Persistence With Sanders Muleya

by Ben Handler

July 27, 2020

property investor in Australia

Australia’s economy is booming and it truly is the land of opportunities. People from all over the world come to Australia to make their dreams come true. One such person is Mr. Sanders Muleya. His story is one of true inspiration, hard work, and persistence.

The Journey

Mr. Sanders came to Australia from Zimbabwe. He was in the healthcare profession and worked as a nurse. Searching for a better future for his family, he registered himself as a nurse in Australia which he still is to this day.

In the beginning, he used to work three jobs at the same time. The crazy thing about his story is that when he landed in Australia, he just had $50 in his pocket. From there he worked day and night and after 6 years, he now has a portfolio of 16 properties in Australia.

Msisa Property

Mr. Sanders had a passion for property from a very young age. He bought his first property at the age of 20. He now runs his own Buyers Agent business called Msisa Property. He focuses on positive cash flow properties with instant equity.

He has been helping people as a nurse and wants to continue the same mission in property management. His aim is to help people buy properties. During his first few purchases, he had used the help of a Buyers Agent. This is what inspired him to become a Buyers Agent in Australia.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of his career as a Buyers Agent, he made some mistakes and lost money on his first property.

Buyers Agent Mentorship in BAI

Sanders quickly realized that he needed training and guidance from a seasoned Buyers Agent. It is then that he joined the Buyers Agent Institute. Buyers Agent Institute really taught him how to become a good buyer agent. Mr. Ben Handler has helped him as a mentor and it has changed his life. He decided to concentrate on positive cash flow properties.  

Within the first 4 months of his business, he signed 9 clients. To date, he has helped 15 clients and 10 more waiting to be helped. His business is national but predominantly works on the south coast, western Sydney, Brisbane, and parts of Tasmania. And the great thing is that this does not seem like work to him.

The majority of clients have heard his story, are professionals who don’t have time but want to invest in property. He does his own development and joint ventures with other clients as a project manager.

Buyer's Agent relaxing on the beach

Perks Of Being Your Own Boss

Having served as a nurse for over 30 years and now owning his business is very liberating. He loves helping families change their financial positions and build wealth and future for them. He has been able to monetize his passion and create a steady business out of it.

He sees people stuck in jobs, employees not happy at work, can’t go for holidays. It seems to them that they have no choice.

But in the end, all that matters is how badly do you want something. If you really want to change your lifestyle, you have to take action. It is about having a positive mindset. If you don’t follow your dreams you will remain an employee. No one will do it for you

His plan for this year is a 1 week holiday to Japan and then to Zimbabwe. Then come back and serve his clients. This is the real joy of life when work does not seem to work at all.

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