How To Succeed In Business… Success Leaves Clues!

by Ben Handler

May 26, 2020

Entrepreneur Success Story

Have you ever wondered why some business owners are wildly successful and live a life of financial and time freedom? Meanwhile, other business owners only seem to have bought themselves a low paying job and are barely scraping through.

It hardly seems fair.

But nothing about business or life is particularly fair.

And one man who knows this better than most is Sanders Muleya.

Sanders is from Zimbabwe and was born into a minority tribe. Life for him and his family was tough, so he started to look for jobs overseas.

He was lucky enough to get a job in Australia. So, he packed up his wife and three children and arrived in Australia with only $50 in his pocket.

Sanders didn’t’ know anyone here. He had to learn a whole new culture, new people, a new environment. And while he did that, he had to support his family.

Very quickly, Sanders realised that the best way to support his family was to buy a family home to give them stability and security. So, he and his wife worked two jobs each so they could secure their piece of the great Australian dream.

In 2006 through grit and determination, Sanders bought his first investment property.

But shortly afterwards, when he went to buy a second investment property, he realised he’d made a terrible mistake. Because he didn’t know about investing in Australia, he had bought his first investment property for a whopping $100,000 over the market value.

Now that would be enough to derail most people’s property dreams, but not Sanders.

Sanders was fuelled by his passion for property. So, he went on a quest to educate himself and find the secrets behind successful business owners, especially in the property industry.

And as the result of his sheer determinations and focussed education… between 2010 and 2019, he ended up buying 15 properties. That’s impressive, considering he originally came to Australia with only $50 to his name.

These days, Sanders now helps other people to purchase cash flow positive properties. And he specialises in helping them to buy properties that give them instant equity so they can be financially free.

One thing Sanders realised is, investors are not well represented when it comes to investing in Australia. And because of this, it’s common for them to make avoidable mistakes. And often it derails them like it almost did for him.

That was his motivation for becoming a Buyer’s Agent. He wanted to help more people know where to invest and what to invest in. And to do it without making avoidable mistakes along the way.

It may sound counterintuitive, but being busy helping other people has actually helped Sanders to spend more time with his family. And he’s been able to give his family a secure and stable future, which is why he took a massive leap of faith in moving to Australia in the first place.

Most people who hear Sanders’s story might think that he’s “lucky” or he’s had a “dream” run. But that’s the lazy way to look at his success.

Sanders has worked hard for what he’s achieved. And his success has a trail of clues behind it. And one of the biggest clues is…

Opportunities don’t just happen. You create them.

Imagine how different Sanders’ life would have been like if he waited for life to become “fair” (if it ever did) or for an opportunity to come to him.

Instead, Sanders made things happen for himself.

One of the best opportunities I’ve made for myself and many other Australians is the Buyer’s Agent Institute. It’s helped people like Sanders to have their own successful business and to secure their future.

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