I can’t believe I’m doing this!

by Ben Handler

December 6, 2019

buyers agent tis the season

I can’t believe I’m doing this. But there’s a great lesson to share with you… so I’m prepared to go through a little bit of discomfort for the greater good.

Recently, I was on plane recently flying to the US. I was traveling to see one of my coaches (more about this in a moment).

Anyway, it’s a long trip and there comes a point where a bit of boredom sets in. So, I decided to watch some TV. Then a funny thing happened. I became totally oblivious to everything around me… and to what I was doing.

As I was fixated on the TV, I didn’t realise that I was then brushing my teeth in my seat. And I wouldn’t have believed it… if there wasn’t photographic proof.

When I became aware of what I was doing, I snapped out of the trance and I ditched the TV. And I read a book instead. (I read Marc Benioff’s new book… Trailblazer. He’s one of my favourite CEO’s.)

We all know how distracting the TV can be. And this photo reminded me of why I don’t have a TV in my home.

Speaking of powerful reminders, the trip to the US reminded me of the importance of being your own boss. I have the flexibility to just get up and travel where I want, when I want. I didn’t have to submit a form to a boss to ask to take leave. I just went.

Imagine being able to have that kind of flexibility in your life. Well, imagine no longer…

If you’re looking for better flexibility in your life, or for a career that gives it to you… then click on the link in the first comment.

Talk soon

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