It’s the week before Christmas!

by Ben Handler

December 19, 2019

become a Buyer’s Agent

It’s the week before Christmas and people are doing what they do every year… they’re leaving things to the last minute.

It’s not as though this time of the year changes or anything.

The dates are always the same, and we receive not so subtle reminders from stores who hope we’ll do our Christmas shopping with them. (Or at least part of it.)

The way we buy as a society has changed.

The brick and mortar stores used to be preferred place to buy gifts from. And the idea of buying anything online, much less precious Christmas gifts, was met with resistance and fear.

But the old ways of buying gifts has changed, and most people do their shopping online.

One of the big reasons people buy online is for the convenience.

And one of the biggest conveniences these days is buying groceries online too. Time poor people order what they want online, someone else runs around the store collecting the order… and they get their groceries delivered to them.

The fact is, the way people buy things has changed dramatically.

And the way people buy their home has changed too.

Buyers Agents are giving home buyers a better buying experience. They do all the running around and hard work for the buyer. The buyer gets what they are looking for… even if they are time poor.

The only problem is, there are not enough Buyers Agents in Australia to fill the demand.

If you want to know more about how Buyers Agents are changing the way everyday Australians are buying their homes… then click on the link in the first comment.

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