Jordyn Ode: Moving from Selling Agent to Buyers Agent

by Ben Handler

March 26, 2024

After a decade in property working on the selling side, Jordyn Ode wanted to start helping buyers who were struggling to get into their own homes. 


The experienced property professional had worked across all areas of property but found that people who wanted to buy were finding life difficult when the competition was high and stock levels were tight. 


“My partner has a selling business and I was working within that prior to going on maternity leave and a good client of mine had reached out and said they needed some help buying a house,” Jordyn says. 


Jordyn says her client was just about to purchase a home pre-auction, but because of her knowledge of the area and her previously working relationship with the selling agent, she felt that it would be a better idea to try and pick it up at auction. 


“The sales campaign was actually not going that strongly and it was a pretty good decision to actually wait until the auction rather than put an offer forward,” she says. 


“I ended up going along on the day of the auction and helping her bid and she ended up securing that property and saving some money. 


She says the reason she got into real estate initially was because I’d seen there was a lack of service and there wasn’t a huge amount of women doing it in Newcastle. 


“I decided I would move into that space and be able to give something back to people,” she says. 


After helping her friend secure a property at auction, Jordyn committed to helping buyers and set up her business, Keepr Property Co focused on owner-occupiers in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area. 


“I don’t miss that sales side because I feel like my personality type really fits with this quite a lot,” she explains. 


“I’m very service-minded and it’s nice to be in this other corner. 


“I feel like there is not only a real necessity for it, but people are just really grateful.” 


She says that during her career she’s seen a lot of buyers really struggling. 


“It’s really hard to watch.  


“I have seen this over the last nine years buyers just get absolutely smashed when they’re trying to buy a property.” 


She says that people will spend months thinking about a small purchase but when it comes to the biggest purchase of their lives they make spur-of-the-moment decisions with no research. 


“I think with the market we’re in here there’s a lack of stock and people are just settling when they’re purchasing homes,” she believes. 


“It’s kind of tick the box and this will do, just because we’ve waited for so long for something to come up. 


“So I looked at that as well and thought, what can I do?” 


She says she has been able to use her sales skills to source properties for clients and help people find just what they are looking for. 


Jordyn says her business has been building momentum and she got off to a really solid start thanks to her background in property. 


“I actually worked for myself as a contractor in some agencies,” she explains. 


”So I knew what I needed to do to get things off the ground.” 


Jordyn also joined the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and says the program has been incredibly helpful. 


“Being a part of the course helped with a bit of direction and there’s different templates to use like the agency agreements which has been pretty helpful,” she says. 


“I feel like the biggest help for me was joining Everest.  


“That sort of catapulted everything.  


“James is so forthcoming with all of this information, he shares templates that he uses in his own business and the accessibility to be able to have frequent Zoom calls and actually get coaching on things that you’re having trouble with or listen to other people is fantastic.” 


Jordyn says the next step for her is to build up her team and continue to build momentum. 


She says that it’s important to learn as much as you can when you’re getting started. 


“Knowledge is power,” she says. 


“Don’t rush the process.  


“That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve ever taken out of real estate is it’s great to be ambitious, but it’s really good to slow down and actually enjoy the experience. 


“Learn as much as you can because it all adds to the service and the value that you can give to your future clients.” 

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