Learn The A to Z’s of Buying A Home With The Buyer’s Agent Training Course

by Ben Handler

July 3, 2020

buyer's agent training courses

If you love property and/ or buying houses, then becoming a Buyer’s Agent could be an ideal next step or a great career for you. 

Right now in Australia, there’s a huge opportunity in the Real Estate industry for people to help buyers to find the property they’re looking for. 

The Real Estate industry has well over 50,000 Real Estate Agents… but only around 1000 Buyer’s Agents. As you can see, house buyers are underrepresented in the market. But that’s crazy because buyers are the people who keep Real Estate agents in the business. 

To put it simply, if there are no buyers… houses don’t get sold. 

And that’s something I always thought was weird about the industry. Why aren’t the buyers represented better? Why are the sellers in such a position of power in the sales process? 

If anything, you’d think that like in the case of regular businesses… the buyers would have the upper hand. But they don’t in Real Estate. 

So this is why I’m so passionate about boosting the numbers of Buyer’s Agents in Australia and giving home buyers the professional help they deserve. 

And to help achieve this, I’ve developed a Buyer’s Agent course that takes people from a beginner to a fully-fledged Buyers Agent in only 6 weeks. 

Now if you’ve never done anything like this before, that’s ok. You don’t need any experience. 

In those 6 weeks, we cover everything you need to know to become a Buyers Agent and business owner. And that’s an important thing to highlight here, this isn’t just another job… this is your business. Even if you’ve never had a business before, you receive tools, tips, and guidance to have a successful business. It’s just up to you to use them. 

The best thing about the Buyer’s Agent course is that it’s all online. And that’s especially important these days.

The entire course can be done in the comfort of your own home. And it covers: 

  • A snapshot of the Real Estate Industry and the Buyer’s Agent Sector and where you fit into the big picture
  • What you need to be a successful Buyer’s Agent and how to strategically build a profitable business
  • How to pick the right niche and where to find the best clients  for your business
  • Buyer’s Agent certification and licensing requirements 
  • Realistic remuneration expectations and guidelines to ensure you don’t have any hidden surprises
  • How to create your inner circle for due diligence to make sure you have a bulletproof team around you to efficiently support your clients 
  • How to win your first customer with zero financial cost
  • How to start thinking like a 7-figure Buyer’s Agent  and the 5 key areas of expertise needed to make it happen
  • What you need to know to have a national business and have the flexibility to buy property across Australia for your clients
  • And much more

But because it’s all about building a profitable business and a sustainable career, I also take you through how to market yourself online to get your name out there. We’ll cover:

  • Creating an Online presence
  • Going Pro – My top secrets and tips to be visible and stand out
  • How and what to outsource to make your life easier
  • What is a digital marketing and how to use it to boost your business
  • How to build a sales funnel that brings you a steady stream of clients

Each week of the program has the allocated lessons to be completed, but for extra help, there’s an optional weekly live webinar. On the live webinar, we discuss topics ranging from buying property, sourcing property, researching property, due diligence, negotiating, client services… and anything else about buying houses that pop up. 

And the good news is, although the Buyer’s Agent course is only 6 weeks long, we provide training, support, and coaching 52 weeks of the year. But not for just a year… it’s for life. 

The Buyer’s Agent course gives you lifetime access and all future updates. 

So now you have a better idea of what the Buyer’s Agent involves you’ll see why so many people are now becoming Buyer’s Agents. 

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?
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