Lisa Happ – Identifying High-Growth Opportunities

by Ben Handler

March 12, 2024

After spending the past few decades building a substantial property portfolio alongside her husband, Lisa Happ wasn’t ready to stop buying just yet. 


While the couple had been able to reach their financial goals with property, her passion and skill in finding and purchasing high-performing properties was something that she wanted to keep doing. 


Even though they had personally reached the point that they were about to start their exit strategy on their own portfolio. 


“I’ve done a lot of education on property, we’ve built a portfolio and done things like rooming houses so we had a wide range of experience and I thought to myself, ‘I love buying property and helping people, so what am I going to do it I can’t buy any more property for myself’,” Lisa says. 


Lisa knew about buyers’ agents and the valuable role they could play to help people so she decided to enrol in the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) to learn about the business side. 


“BAI was potentially an opportunity to have something in the background, plus I love learning, so I thought it might be useful down the track,” she explains. 


“So I was probably a little bit different than a lot of people in the sense that I wasn’t in it originally to quit my job and become a full-time buyer’s agent.  


“That wasn’t my goal originally.” 


Eventually, the former TAFE teacher realised that the time was right to move on to the next phase of her career and ultimately launched Personalised Property Professionals with a focus on helping investors. 


“I’m a little different in that I concentrate on southeast Queensland or the northern Queensland area,” she said. 


“So I try and look at where suburbs are going to be popular for investors and then I’ll go and visit that area and really take a boots-on-the-ground approach and map the areas that are good to buy in and establish a rapport with the agents. 


“As an example, we bought in Bundaberg ourselves three and a half years ago knowing that that was potentially going to be a town that boomed. 


“And now, I bought a property for a client at the end of last year.” 


She says she focuses heavily on finding areas where there is likely to be strong capital growth and is focused on buying in other areas around QLD with her current clients. 


Lisa says that while she was a very experienced property investor it still took time to get the business off the ground. 


“It is really hard,” she says. 


“I’m not a salesperson and that’s not my personality. 


“Anyone that I’ve spoken to who was interested, and wanted to buy something has become a client after I talked to them and explained my process. 


“But it can be hard at times to build that initial connection.” 


According to Lisa, BAI was a huge help in getting her started on the right foot. 


“Like I said I was a bit of a silent sleeper for a couple of years, where I was just listening but when I left my job it was a bit of shell shock and I got really focused on it,” she explains. 


She says that she initially went to work for another buyer’s agent who focused on negotiations to learn some of the other skills she needed before going out on her own. 


While Lisa has been able to really establish herself in a quick space of time, she says she wants to keep her business small. 


“The business is not going to be a big company,” she said. 


“It’s going to be a very niche and personalised where I’m still talking to all the clients  


“We are also trying to set ourselves up so it’s basically a choice of being able to work wherever we want.” 


She says she also wants to be able to travel to potential growth areas and immerse herself in the location to get a better idea of the areas they will be buying in. 


Lisa says that for people wanting to come into the industry, it’s important to have a good understanding of property. 


“Get your education first, learn about property, learn about what is right or wrong, otherwise you’re not doing the right thing by your client,” she believes.  


“Make sure that your main thing is your customer service and looking after the client correctly because it is the biggest one of the biggest purchases that they’ll make.” 

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