Living and Breathing Property

by Ben Handler

May 2, 2023

For the best part of a decade, Fraol Reffu has lived and breathed property.

Fraol prides himself on taking an analytical and research-driven approach to purchasing property, and it’s something that he’s focused on since the beginning.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in property economics, Fraol started his career in property management before working as a senior research analyst at a large property company.

He then began pursuing a career as a buyer’s agent, as he was interested in using his extensive knowledge and expertise to help buyers and investors who wanted to make those types of smart investment decisions.

Fraol started his own property investing journey over five years ago when he had a mindset shift.

“I used to have a sports car and then, after I had a massive mindset change from my mentors, they advised me to buy a property instead,” he says.

“I just sold my sports car and I put that down as a deposit to buy an investment property in Brisbane.

“It was the best decision I’ve made.”

Since that point, he has continued to expand his property portfolio and he started as a buyer’s agent to help others invest intelligently as well.

Through his company, A1 Property Buyer’s Agency, Fraol uses a data-driven approach to locate the best growth opportunities around Brisbane.

Fraol says that given his long career in the property industry, the transition to buyer’s agent has so far been a smooth one.

In his first quarter of business, Fraol purchased 10 properties for clients, with many buyers coming from interstate.

“A lot of my clients have come through social media and also referrals,” he explains.

“I’m very well connected in the real estate industry as a senior research analyst in a previous role.

“And once I announced I was a buyer’s agent, I had a lot of leads from that.

“I’m also heavy on social media and digital marketing, posting educational content and educating buyers on what to do and not to do in property.”

Fraol worked with the Buyers Agent Institute and says the program was incredibly valuable.

“It was amazing and the best decision I’ve ever made,” he says.

“It helped me grow as a business person.”

“Ben Handler’s course definitely helped me to have a bigger picture on being a business person, how to run a business and how to prospect.

“It’s been very valuable.”

Going forward, Fraol hopes to continue to grow his business and expand into Sydney and Melbourne as well as start to develop property and expand into property management.

Fraol suggests that new buyer’s agents coming into the industry focus on getting educated first.

“Educate yourself on the industry,” he believes.

“You need people to be educated on what they’re buying because they’re buying a massive asset for the client.

“They’re spending a lot of money, so they need to be well informed and well educated on what to do and what to buy.

“They have to be numbers-driven as well because basically, it’s just a numbers game with houses out there.”


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