Looking to Buy a House Fast? Learn How a Buyer’s Agent Can Help You

by Ben Handler

June 10, 2020

Buy a House Fast

If you want to buy a house and you need it fast… it may surprise you to know that one of the fastest ways to buy a house, is to use a Buyer’s Agent.

But the problem is, many people in Australia don’t even know that’s an option for them.

So they are stuck in the old way of buying a house. Which means they wander from website to website… real estate agent to real estate agent in the hope of finding what they’re looking for.

But the old way is filled with time wasters and sellers who want top dollar for a mediocre house.

And too often serious buyers are left empty-handed or disappointed with what they have to choose from. And to make matters worse… it can take longer than they want for the deal to settle.

The simple fact is, buying a house should never be complicated or slow.

In Australia, there are over 50,000 real estate agents and they represent the sellers. Which leaves buyers drastically under represented. And leaves these buyers at the mercy of the seller’s game.

But they shouldn’t be because let’s be honest here… without buyer houses don’t get sold.

That’s right… buyers buy houses, not sellers! So they should be respected a lot more than they are. And that starts with buyers being represented and supported properly.

So that’s where Buyers Agents comes in.

Buyers Agent can take all the stress out of buying a house fast. They can search for property and assess its suitability for you.

You simply give them a list of your requirements… and they look for appropriate properties for you. Often they have lists of “off-market” properties and properties that need quick sales. (And when you want to buy a house fast… that’s a huge advantage!)

Buyers Agents can also negotiate the purchase of your new property on your behalf (including price and terms). And the beauty of that is, they help people buy houses every day, so they can do it quickly. Whereas you may only buy a few houses in your entire lifetime.

Buyers Agents know all the bottlenecks and pitfalls that can cause problems for unsuspecting buyers. So they can help make your home purchase into an easy and seamless one.

Another thing Buyers Agents do that most people don’t know about is they can represent you at an auction.

Auctions are a great way to buy a house fast, but because they are so fast-paced and high pressure… most potential house buyers will stay away from them. But if they use a Buyers Agent, they don’t need to.

A Buyers Agent can do all the research and leg work before the auction… and then they can bid for you. And that’s a good thing!

As we all know, many buyers get too emotionally attached to the outcome of the auction. But a Buyers Agent will stay detached emotionally and make sure they get the best outcome for you. And they will help you avoid making basic rookie mistakes… and from paying too much.

Australians are finally starting to see the value in buying a house through a Buyers Agent. And now Buyer Agents are in high demand because of TV shows like The Block. These programs show Buyers Agents in action during intense, and emotionally charged auctions.

Of course, if you have the time and you don’t need to buy a house fast, you can still use a Buyers Agent.

Using a Buyers Agent to buy a house will help to keep you stress-free and help you to find the home you really want to buy… not the house the real estate agents want to sell you.

Have you considered turning buying property into a career?

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