Manufacturing Equity and Building Wealth

by Ben Handler

April 4, 2023

Having got together at a young age, Nicole and Michael Kowalczyk knew they wanted to find a way to build wealth and set themselves up for the future.

Having grown up in a household where money was hard to come by, Michael felt that property could be the long wealth-building option they needed so he set about purchasing his first investment when was just 21. After it started to perform well, he decided to buy a second property and after seeing the success Michael was having Nicole quickly joined him.

Twelve years on, the husband and wife team have been actively buying properties but moved to try and find ways to fast-track their progress through taking on renovation projects and manufacturing equity in other ways, such as building granny flats, subdividing and undertaking small-scale developments.

Michael‘s drive combined with Nicole’s business acumen, led to the couple rapidly growing their property portfolio and ultimately made them realise they could move out of their careers and into property full-time.

Eventually, the success the pair were experiencing led to friends and family asking for their help before deciding to start their own business as buyer’s agents.

“During COVID, we bit the bullet, we did our real estate licenses and we set up a business and started trading,” Nicole says.

“It didn’t take long for our word to organically spread before we landed our first few clients.”

One of the key factors that helped launch Tailored Property Group was the fact that the couple were so experienced as investors.

“What makes us different is that we’ve walked the walk and we’re still walking it, we’re still investing,” Nicole explains.

“Put simply, our advantage is that we are active investors with over 10+ years of experience,” Michaels adds.

“We have built up relationships and expanded our network which has helped build and scale our own portfolio to where it is today.

“Our clients have exclusive access to the same network of professionals.”

Nicole and Michael focus on helping investors purchase properties that have room for capital growth along with upside potential and the ability to generate cash flow or ways to manufacture equity The same things that the couple used to build their own portfolio.

Despite having a good network in place early on to help establish the business, Nicole says there were still challenges.

“At first we did start slow, with just a few clients,” she says.

“But when we got into the SMSF space and built a relationship with a SMSF specialist, he was able to send us leads, which has helped.”

Nicole and Michael were part of the Buyers Agent Institute and say that it made a huge difference in understanding how to operate a real estate business.

“Ben has made a great program in the sense that he teaches people business,” Nicole believes.

“The course is packed down amazingly well and I can’t believe that he had time to sit down and literally write out processes.”

“The course is so applicable that you could probably apply it to any sort of business.”

“It’s why it works so well for investor-based buyers agents but also those helping owner-occupiers.

“Ben is also extremely knowledgeable and honest and he is contactable and so are other coaches in the BAI, who specialise in their own fields which makes it different to other courses out there.”

Going forward, Nicole wants to continue to see their business grow and help people in the right way.

“Both of us want it to be a boutique business so that our clients get quality over quantity,” she says.

“It’s really important to us, that our buyers have a great experience, we’ve used a buyer’s agent back in the day, and the one thing that I found was, they might start with you, but they end up palming you off to someone else and they’re not entirely aligned with you.”

Nicole also wants to continue to help educate people and show them that there are multiple ways of building wealth through property.

“We want to show people that buy and hold isn’t the only way of getting into property and that if you want to make it through these interest rates rises and build your portfolio, you’ve got to leverage what you have and manufacturing and value-adding is the way to go.”

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