Most people think it takes luck to be successful, but luck has little to do with it.

by Ben Handler

January 1, 2020

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Most people think it takes luck to be successful. But luck has little to do with it.

Sanders Muleya knows this to be true because he grew up in Zimbabwe. And when he came to Australia, he only had $50 to his name.

He had to learn a new culture and he didn’t know anyone. The desire to buy a family home was strong, so Sanders and his wife both worked 2 jobs. They wanted a stable environment to raise their 3 children in.

To set up his family’s financial future, they bought an investment property. When they went to buy another investment property, they realised they had made a mistake. So, Sanders immersed himself in property education.

And because of that education, he and his wife bought 15 properties from 2010-2019.

With all his success though, Sanders says his biggest turning point was when he became a Buyer’s Agent.

“I realised that a lot of investors are not represented when it comes to investing. And they constantly make mistakes. And I’m there to bridge that gap.”

There are many ways Buyer’s Agents can help buyers to find the right property.

Sanders is living his passion and helping other to people to live theirs too.

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