Next-Level Service

by Ben Handler

May 29, 2024

One of the main reasons Marina Shatalova was able to grow her business and reputation so quickly, was the extremely high level of service she provides to her clients.

The owner of Marble St Home Buyers Advocacy goes above and beyond for her clients and that’s been something that has seen demand for her services grow quickly from word of mouth.

One of the big points of difference for Marina is the fact that she finds true off-market properties.

She regularly goes door-knocking to meet prospective vendors and has a steady pipeline of properties that she can bring to clients.

“I work with complete off-market properties, while many people work with pre-market properties,” Marina says.

“Many people say they are buying off the market but most aren’t.

“True off-market properties are when there is no agent involved.

“I recently spoke to a friend who was looking for a buyers agent in Sydney and they said they really struggled to find someone who would go above and beyond and not just sit with them while they looked through”

Marina operates her business in the Mornington Peninsula and says that the high level of demand and tight supply has meant that her role has been very much in demand.

“Choice is very limited here and there aren’t many new homes built every year,” she says.

“That’s why the demand from buyers is always high.

“I strategically moved here because in the Mornington Peninsula, there will always be limited supply and high demand.”

She says that one of the challenges continues to be educating buyers on what a buyer’s agent does.

“People still have no idea of our existence, they just don’t know the service exists,” she said.

“A recent client from Singapore told me he wished he knew about my services years ago.

“He had been flying in and out and wasting a lot of time.”

Marina says she has seen a lot of demand for her services from interstate and even international buyers who are trying to get into the market there.

She says people like to be able to work with someone on the ground who can walk them through the potential properties and use tools like WhatsApp to get a closer look while being able to ask questions.

While she is currently still operating solo, the next phase of her business growth will mean adding another team member.

She says she wants to find someone who can help with the marketing side of the business, so she can focus on what she is best at, which includes finding properties and negotiating for deals.

“My service is very personal and I need to find someone who is prepared to put the client first as I am,” she explains.

“I need to find someone who has similar values to me.

“My purchase time is five to 20 days which is really fast and I want to keep it this way.

“But to do this you need to work hard.”

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