Overcoming Challenges on the Road to Success

by Ben Handler

August 2, 2023

Adrian Trimboli always had a passion for real estate since his Italian mother convinced him to buy his first investment property when he was just a teenager.

While he was able to achieve success in property investing after a rocky start, building a career in property took some time and he faced some challenges along the way.

Adrian realised that he wanted to pursue property as a career but ended up working for a company that encouraged investors to buy a lot of off-the-plan property.

He quickly realised that he didn’t believe in what the company was doing and felt he could do a better job on his own.

So Adrian and his business partner Frank set out to start their own buyer’s agency, that aimed to help investors purchase the best investment-grade properties they could find from all around the country.

Adrian and Frank established Fresh Start Advisory which today focuses on buying established properties in high-growth, high-yield locations with the ability to add value.

They’ve also been able to build a team and have got a large number of loyal clients but their journey hasn’t been quick or easy.

“There have been challenges throughout,” Adrian says.

“We probably didn’t even sign a client for the first 12 months when we were getting started, and only a few in the next year.”

“We’ve had challenges, but we’ve passed most of them now, but I’m sure there will always be more as we go along.”

Adrian worked with the Buyers Agent Institute(BAI) when he was getting the business established and he said it was critical to his success.

“Within the first six months of getting started, we felt that business coaching would be something that would really work well for us,” he explains.

After working with some other coaches early on, Adrian says that Ben Handler was able to help provide incredible guidance on how to grow a high-quality business.

”Ben was able to show us how to grow with the help of marketing and sales, but he also knows how to build an awesome company,” he says.

“He’s just been the perfect balance for us.”

Adrian says their company has lofty goals and one day wants to be known as Australia’s best buyers agency.

He says that for people wanting to come into the industry, they need to understand that the process is going to take time.

“Don’t think that you’re going to be coming into the industry next week and just start buying property,” he believes.

“You need to be prepared to change every aspect of your life, because while it’s buying property it’s a business, and you need to be proficient in everything that business entails including marketing, sales and fulfilment.

“It’s not going to be easy, but at the same time on the other side of that is that every single day I wake up to my passion.

“It’s a dream come true, but it’s literally blood, sweat and tears.”

Adrian says sometimes he just feels very fortunate to be where he is today.

“It’s all been just hard work and grit and an ability to see a vision and just keep pushing for it,” he says.

“If you were to tell us five years ago, we’d be running a team of 11 people and getting results better than most other people in the industry, we would have laughed at you.”

“There’s always going to be self-doubt, but if we can do it, anyone in the world can actually do it.

“I truly believe that.”

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