Owning the Noosa Market

by Ben Handler

May 14, 2022

After more than 20 years as a property investor, Kirstie Klein-Hunter finally made the decision to make a full-time career from her passion for property.

After working in the financial sector and building a portfolio of properties spread across Australia, the UK and New Zealand, it was finally when she moved to Noosa that she felt the time was right to begin working as a buyers agent.

“My background’s actually in finance and I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to do that kind of work in Noosa. I didn’t really know what I was going to do, but I was actually building out our own personal portfolio here and I started thinking maybe I should be doing this and helping other people buy property.”

After making the decision to go full-time into property Kirstie set up her business in Noosa with a focus on helping investors – something she already knew plenty about. However, getting started wasn’t easy.

“The first year was quite tough to be honest because people here didn’t really understand what a buyer’s agent was or why I would be doing it and there wasn’t really any others here.”

“However, It’s really gaining momentum now – the last year’s been really good and it’s really starting to take off. There’s more coming onto the scene, but they don’t specialise in the market here that I do. I just focus purely on Noosa.”

Coming from a finance background and being a well-established investor herself, working with that segment of the market was a natural fit for her.

“Most of my clients are investors, but I also do owner-occupiers, but not as much. And most of my clients are interstate or international so sometimes they want to buy something now and then move into it in the future.”

“Sometimes they want to buy something just to be able to use and then make a bit of a return when they’re not using it. And also, like at the moment, the capital growth is quite significant here currently.”

While Kirstie understood the property side of things, setting up and running a business was where she was wanting to expand her knowledge and she’s really benefited from working with BAI.

“I heard Ben on the Smart Property Investment show and I just reached out to him straight away. I was in the first 30 to sign up with him so I was one of the originals.”

“The program has just really helped me with the business side in terms of how to set everything up and learn all the marketing and all that kind of thing. I’ve learned so much.”

“I’m also part of Ben’s mastermind group so I was part of his group for the first year and I still am. I’ve learned a lot from the mastermind group – it’s been amazing. It’s the first time I’ve had my own business so from an entrepreneurial point of view, he has taught us from his own experience or bought people in as well to teach us on a range of topics. So it’s been fantastic.”

Going forward, Kirstie will continue to grow her business in Noosa and potentially even expand her reach.

“I want to keep specialising in this market up here, but I might also move onto buying properties in the rest of the country and along the coast because I don’t really buy down there at the moment, I just purely focus on Noosa. But I do want to own this market.”

Kirstie feels that if you have a passion for the industry then you should consider a career as a buyers agent.

“I think if you’ve got a passion for property and a background in it then it could definitely work for people. There’s a lot of people that are getting into it now and the people that I’ve seen doing the best do really have a background in investment or property investment. They seem to be the ones that take off and hit the ground running.”

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