"I literally wake up every single day and say how lucky I am I get to help people… I'm so grateful for coming into contact with your course."

Adrian Trimboli Co-Founder of Fresh Start Advisory
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The BAI Accelerator Program is a journey of transformation starting with one small step.

So, what is a Buyer’s Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent is someone people trust to:

  • Know the local market, often recommending a perfect property quickly
  • Nurture relationships with Real Estate Agent’s so they can negotiate deals and have first access to upcoming properties
  • Negotiate a better deal than an everyday buyer could
  • Leave the emotion of buying a property out of any negotiations
  • Save time by knowing the market, paperwork and everything needed to buy a property
  • Relieve stress for the buyer by scouring the market for them, instead of the buyer spending hours on internet searches and open homes for houses that aren’t suitable
  • Know all the problems that they and other buyers have faced and how they have overcome them, avoiding rookie mistakes
  • Represent them at auction

Why wouldn’t someone in the market use a Buyer’s Agent if they can help that much?

It may sound like a luxury having someone that will make buying your home as easy as ABC. But it’s becoming a popular and sensible way to buy a house in Australia.

BUT… What if you want to BECOME a Buyer’s Agent?

Well, I completely understand. The advantages are huge! You will have a well-paying career, be hugely sought after. This is due to the low number of Buyer’s Agents in Australia, and when you learn through BAI, you will have all you need to carry out your role as a buyer’s agent.

BAI will teach you core skills that are unique to being a Buyer’s Agent.

The Buyer’s Agent Institute will give you everything you need to become a successful Buyer’s Agent. Here’s how.

Our teachers have created highly successful businesses and have real world experience. And they want to share what they’ve learnt with you. These are experienced Buyer’s Agents and people at the top of their industry who have smashed their goals and remember what it is like to start out.

The BAI 7-Week Accelerator Program (delivered by Ben Handler) not only teaches you how to be a Buyer’s Agent. It also shows you how to run your business and promote it using compelling marketing, while delving into the mindset needed to be successful so your business will flourish. Even if you don’t want to run your own business, over time, you will be an attractive candidate to be hired as a buyer’s agent – we can also help place you in your ideal role due to the enormous talent pool of business owners within our community.

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And after you have completed the 7-week Accelerator Program, you aren’t left on your own. We provide weekly live mentoring clinics where you can ask questions and discuss anything about buying property. All new students of the accelerator program get access to all 6 mentors, every week of the year, for the first 6 months of the subscription.


The training, support and mentoring is provided 26 weeks of the year.

We help you to find where you fit in the industry and support your goals through our mentoring opportunities. We also add you to our directory of Buyer’s Agents on the BAI website.

So now that you have a better idea of what BAI do and how we do it, you can see why becoming a Buyer’s Agent is a no-brainer.

BAI is a one stop shop for your career as a Buyer’s Agent, whether you want to start your own business or work for a company. We can help you achieve your dream.

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  • Accelerator Program

    The 7-Week Accelerator Program is an online intensive program to be carried out at your own pace. It teaches you how to be a Buyer’s Agent from the ground up, including how to run your business and promote it using compelling marketing, while delving into the mindset needed to be successful so your business will flourish. Or if you don’t want to run your own business, you will be an attractive candidate to be hired as a buyer’s agent possibly from our own enormous pool of business owners.
    We teach you how to navigate the property market, know what your buyer needs, and close the sale for them. All in 7 weeks or this can be done at your own pace.

    As a bonus, all students in the Accelerator Program you with have access to all 7 coaches for the first 12 months. Coaching calls are run weekly, 26 weeks of the year, designed to support you throughout your learning journey.

    You never know, you may end up on the Today Show, like one of our students, Arjun Paliwal.



  • Everest

    Our Everest program places each member in a private group facilitated by specialised coach’s aka Sherpas (Think of climbing a mountain of success). This flagship coaching and mentoring program is for Buyer’s Agents who want additional focused 1:1 coaching. It’s ideal for those ready to commit to being a Star Buyer’s Agent who want a huge advantage of tailored and focused coaching and mentoring.

    In Everest, you will have unique access to a carefully curated support group and your own Sherpa to help you climb the mountains and achieve your goals, breaking through your speed humps of limiting beliefs. Everest

    We break up your progress into three different tiers of climbing:

    After training over thousands of students within the industry, Ben has developed this program to be what he wished he’d had when he started in the industry. Tried, tested and proven, after working very closely with hundreds of his 1:1 coaching clients, you get the advantage of those that have come before you to be able to confidently ascend through these tiers.



    This high-calibre coaching program is for well-established businesses that are growing fast. It is designed for those who are proud to be over-achievers. Ben Handler himself will step in as a CEO to steer your business in a direction that will set up the foundations, so it is ready for growth.


    CHIEF is acutely designed for real sustainable, success. The program includes weekly live calls and focused 1:1 sessions. Through the CHIEF program, members will gain the skills to power up their existing business.

    To discover more about the CHIEF Coaching,


  • Consulting

    Consulting is for businesses ready to bring a Buyer’s Agent Division into an already well- established business. Starting with a one-on-one chat which will help us create a customised strategy, all the way through to the implementation across all essential functions – including recruitment of Buyers Agents, IT, Operations, Marketing, Property Agents, Sales and Training. We cover everything to set up the division and follow it through to its successful completion to see your business thrive.

    Enquire now to unleash the real potential of just how much a Buyer’s Agent Division can expand your business.


  • Talent

    The Talent Division is designed to source not only Buyer’s Agents, but other key roles to support all functions across your business. Outstanding talent isn’t always easy to find, however at BAI we have our finger on the pulse of the best, those who are making their mark in the industry and are hungry for more. Just waiting for the opportunity to work for you.

    Our Talent division is also ideal for Buyer’s Agents seeking job placement with a company or organisation where they know their skills will be fully utilised.

    Let’s chat about placing the best rock star employees in your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is becoming a Buyers Agent easy?

Firstly, performing well in anything requires consistent effort, discipline, diligence. Becoming a Buyers Agent is by no means easy. If you expect it to be easy, we would strongly suggest you do not embark on a career as a Buyers Agent

Is it guaranteed that I can do well like some of the members of BAI?

Absolutely not. No results of any BAI member that you see is a guaranteed reflection of what you can achieve. There are members in our program who do not achieve the results that they expected – that is part of the process. You should not be making decisions based on other people’s results, we recommend that you need to believe in yourself and commit to applying your effort based on your individual objectives. AT BAI we showcase success to demonstrate what can be achieved – just remember, not everyone gets the results they want, that’s how to cookie crumbles, so don’t fool yourself.

What is a Buyer’s Agent and why do people use us?

Can I enrol with BAI if I am working, and complete it part time?

How is the program content delivered?

The Buyer’s Agent Institute Accelerator Program content is delivered in an online environment which can be completed at your own pace, to work within your other commitments. You just need a computer to participate and be hungry to learn. Our members are all over Australia and some are even based internationally.

We pride ourselves on coaching and mentoring outside of the online course environment. We have 7 coaches that train our members in a live format every week of the year – called coaching clinics.

These coaching clinics focus on:

– Property research and analysis
– Mindset
– Technology and business systems
– Marketing & Automation
– Sales
– Owner Occupier service delivery
– General Q&A
– Client management and fulfilment

How long is the program?

This coaching and training organisation is not designed for you to show up and become an overnight expert. That takes time for any new skill, but in this institute, you will learn everything you need to know to slay the market.

The Buyer’s Agent Accelerator Program is designed to be completed over 7-weeks, however you can complete it at your own pace. We have designed the entire program, both online and coaching so you are supported and able to ask for help any time along the way.

During and after the 7-week Accelerator Program there is ongoing training every week of the year to embrace and activate ongoing learning. Our coaches run live coaching clinics every week, and once you are in the Buyer’s Agent Institute Accelerator Course you can attend weekly coaching clinics run by our 7 coaches for the first 12 months of your subscription.

What happens after the training?

We don’t just leave you with the training and that’s all. We provide mentoring, coaching and support groups along the way and help you to place in the industry depending on what your goals are. We have different levels of programs, coaching and mentoring available for you as you become a star in the Buyer’s Agent Industry.

For example, once you have completed the Accelerator program, we have an Everest Program which provides members with ongoing coaching and mentorship. We provide this ongoing support because we want to see you succeed.

Is it a requirement to have worked in real estate to enrol in BAI?

No. However, you will need to get a real estate licence to work in the Real Estate Industry, dependent on your situation and objectives. BAI does not provide qualifications pertaining to licences. Think of BAI as an upskill or next level up from a Real Estate Agent, BAI unlocks your potential to skyrocket your income.

We have done the research for you on what you need to be a Buyer’s Agent, starting from not knowing anything about the industry, and will share everything we know with you.

Can you help me with job placement within the industry once I am a Buyer’s Agent?

Absolutely! BAI is a part of a large community of business owners who are always looking for the next up and coming star. No matter what role you suit, we will know someone in our community looking for new talent. Someone like you. BAI is not just a learning Institution; it is a community of supportive members who look out for each other.