The need is always there. In volume. Home buyers need someone to do the market research, find their ideal home and negotiate the lowest price.

You’re meeting that need. You’ve built up your expertise through buyer’s agent courses and your business is well-established. But how do you take it to the next level? Well, just like a high-rise apartment block needs the right foundations, the CHIEF coaching program helps you set up the foundations of your buyer’s agent business for real, sustainable growth.

Why Choose CHIEF for Your Buyer Agent Business?

With the CHIEF program, there’s no generic “one size fits all” approach. We tailor it to your specific resources, operating patterns and unique challenges.

The CHIEF program is designed for those who are proud to be over-achievers. And let’s face it – to scale up your business, you need to think big. And then move those ideas forward into implementation. That’s where we come in. We know what it takes, and the CHIEF program will guide you through the successful actions for expansion and develop your skills so you can overcome the pitfalls.

What Does CHIEF Offer for Buyer Agents?

This high-calibre coaching program is for well-established businesses that are growing fast. There are several specific components, including business development techniques to expand your client base, personalised coaching sessions, strategic business planning and access to industry leaders.

Personalised Coaching

CHIEF is designed for actual, sustainable success, and the coaching program includes weekly live calls and focused one-on-one sessions. Ben Handler himself will step in, using his extensive experience as a CEO, to help you steer your business to the next level by putting all the right elements into place.

Strategic Business Planning

The strategy you follow can either make or break your business. It covers the bigger picture. We’ll assist you in planning the best use of your existing resources (including staff training, marketing and sales), identifying your best opportunities and any challenges to achieving rapid expansion.

Access to Industry Leaders

The CHIEF program also provides the opportunity to learn from and network with industry leaders. These people “get it” and know what it’s like to operate and expand a business in the high-performance sphere. They’ve “been there, done that” and can provide valuable insights and tips.

Success Stories from Our CHIEF Graduates

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Transform Your Buyer Agent Business with

You’re doing well, but you’ve got bigger goals and want to achieve them. Our CHIEF program is designed for you! You’ll get the skills to power up your business and guide it to where you want to be. Let’s chat about the exact steps you’ll need to take.


Is Buyer’s Agent A Legit Career?

Very much so. While the real estate agent represents the seller, the buyer’s agent represents the buyer. Buyer’s agents are licensed professionals acting on a buyer’s behalf to search, evaluate and negotiate property. This is an increasingly vital role because there aren’t enough buyer’s agents to meet the demand from property buyers. Like any career, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. So, you need to get professionally trained on the buyer’s agent course and then mentored until you become proficient and can achieve the best possible outcome for your clients.

How Is A Buyer’s Agent Paid?

Buyer’s agents can offer clients a number of pricing models. The most common are:

  • For a full-service offering, a buyer’s agent will typically charge the buyer a commission, which is a percentage fee of the property’s sale price. Depending on the agent, the percentage can vary but might be as high as 2.5% + GST.
  • A fixed fee or flat rate cost is usually paid when the agent only provides a single service to the buyer, such as attending an auction on the buyer’s behalf.
  • For both commission and fixed fee, there is typically a retainer which is paid upfront. The balance of the fee is paid once the sale is finalised.

Who Is Ben Handler?

After being trained in building construction management and property, Ben Handler went to California looking for ideas. He was struck by how massive the buyer’s agent industry was in the USA while it was still in its relative infancy in Australia. Upon his return, Ben co-founded Australia’s largest Buyer’s Agency, Cohen Handler. Ben built and mentored an expert team who together amassed residential and commercial purchases up to approximately $3 billion. After ten years, and concerned by the lack of buyer’s agents versus the demand, Ben decided to take more responsibility for the industry’s growth as a whole. He founded and launched the Buyer’s Agent Institute (BAI). BAI has now trained the largest number of buyer’s agents in Australia by delivering buyer’s agent training courses and leveraging Ben’s vast experience as a buyer’s agent mentor.