Property In His DNA

by Ben Handler

July 25, 2023

Rodney Reinsma has been buying property and investing for the past 19 years, but it wasn’t until he realised he could do more to help other home buyers achieve the same sort of success that he was able to find, that he decided he could turn his passion into a career.

“Property’s always been in my DNA, but being a selling agent, property manager or a developer, just didn’t resonate with me,” Rodney says.

“When I first discovered what a buyers agent was, I was like, ‘this is me to a tee’.”

Since that eye-opening discovery, Rodney put his full attention into pursuing his vision and went about getting licensed and establishing his own business.

He transitioned out of his previous career and set up FNQ Buyers Agents, based out of Cairns in Queensland.

Throughout his journey as an investor, Rodney always focused on buying the best quality properties with the most upside potential and believes in a buy-and-hold approach, which is something he now does for his clients.

“From my perspective, I always try and work with my client’s budget and where we could purchase the right investment grade property for their budget in the right area,” he explains.

“We deep dive into locations that can meet their needs and budget criteria.”

After finding success in far north Queensland, Rodney then set up a second business, Gold Coast Buyer’s Agents to focus on helping clients in South East Queensland.

“We only buy in our backyard,” he says.

“We think fundamentally, if you’re going to add some real value to your clients, you need to have eyes and ears on the ground with a team in that area.”

While Rodney has been able to get his two businesses off the ground successfully, his journey hasn’t been without its challenges.

He says that many new buyers agents come into the industry, without ever having run a business before.

“My background was managing large businesses and teams so I had a bit of an advantage there,” he believes.

“But the first six months was quite challenging in the respect of building your brand, building your persona and who you are in the industry.

“Particularly in Cairns, the first six months were really just educating the local agents and meeting with purchasing partners in the area and educating them on what a buyers agent is.

“Fundamentally, the further away you are from Sydney and Melbourne, the less common buyers agents are.”

Rodney worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) when he was getting started and says the program was instrumental in helping him start out in the right way.

“I don’t know how people would start without it,” he believes.

“If I’m honest, I think you would be in a dire situation early on in the piece and probably throw it all in if you’re not from within the industry or have worked under another buyers agent.”

Looking forward, Rodney hopes to continue to grow his business and expand Australia-wide.

He says he also wants to help educate other buyers agents and also assist them with lead generation.

For new buyers agents hoping to break into the industry, Rodney suggests that you focus on getting educated first.

“Get educated and focus on finding your niche as soon as possible,” he says.

“I think everyone starts out with a broad net, but the key really is to be a subject matter expert and to add genuine value.”


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