#16 – How To Leverage Your Skill Into A New Career With Matt Sharp

by Ben Handler

August 20, 2020

Property Investor in Australia

The desire to grow motivates people to explore new avenues of earning. In that search, people stumble upon careers that are rewarding not only financially but offer a sense of fulfilment as well. This is the story of Mr. Matt Sharp, who works both in the corporate sector and runs his own Buyer’s Agent Business.

Matt has a very interesting background. He used to play in a semi-professional rugby league. After reaching a certain level, he started a corporate job. He has been working in the corporate sector for the last 10 years.

Since Matt wanted to achieve more, he decided to become a Buyer’s Agent and a property investor in Australia. Low and behold, he was amazed by the potential in the Buyer’s Agent service industry and started his journey in establishing himself as a reliable Buyer’s Agent in Australia.

Coaching the Buyer

From his days as a rugby player, Matt learned a lot about commitment, self-discipline, strong work ethic and all of that is transferable into a business. He has now been working as a Buyer’s Agent in Australia for about 8-10 years. His main focus has been in New South Wales and Interstate. It is here that he has been looking for different opportunities and deals.

But it has not always been smooth sailing. He has had to teach people about his role as a Buyer’s Agent and what benefits they can have by employing his services. In his opinion, People don’t understand the process when they are looking to buy a property. Also, the seller agent is working for the interest of the vendor. The buyer is understandably concerned that is until they meet Matt. In central cost, the buyer agent concept is relatively new and the challenge is to get people to understand the service and help them as much as possible.

It has been tough as some people have closed the door saying they do not understand the service. On the flip side, some referral partners have encouraged Matt and made him realize that people need his service. Very recently, Matt signed a new client which is a couple who were looking for an investment opportunity. They had little to no idea about what a broker or what yield is or capital growth is. Matt, through his experience and relationships with the sales agent, was able to find them a great property, in turn, securing their future. 

Transformation Into the Buyer’s Agent Role

His experience coaching rugby players came in handy coaching people who are looking to buy a property. He deals with people with all types of characters and personalities, the same as in rugby. He used the skills acquired in the sports and corporate sector to set his footings in the property arena. 

Starting a new business is never easy and comes with a heap of challenges. Matt has this thing that when he sets his mind to a task, he utilizes all his energy and focus to ensure that it is completed successfully. Some of that dedication comes from the fact that his name and reputation is on the line. The name sharp property is a big hit. And he is proud to have this name because it brings ownership and accountability.

Challenges of a Property Investor in Australia

For Matt, the main challenge has been time management. He had to negotiate between his corporate job and Buyer’s Agent business. The ultimate goal for him is to run his business full-time and put all of his energy and focus towards establishing his business. His colleagues also know about his business and want to use his services. Friends, colleagues, relatives often call him and ask him to check out properties and evaluate their worth. He is now monetizing his passion.

The other obstacle he had to overcome was developing a relationship with the local agent. This is critical for the success of the Buyer’s Agent business. Also, accommodating people moving from other cities is challenging. 60% of people buying property on the central coast are relocating from Sydney. He did a whole lot of inspection to give his clients a better chance and allow them to see everything that is available as opposed to just walking through the open houses

Man holding football
Man holding football

The Defining Moment

At the end of his talk, Matt discusses the time when he realized that he has to start his own business. He loves travelling and going on vacations to unwind and reflect on his life goals. To evaluate what he is doing right now and set new objectives for himself. He was on a flight and it was there he was listening to a podcast and Ben Handler was there talking about the career opportunities in the Buyer’s Agent service industry. That was Matt’s moment of reckoning.

He discussed this idea with his wife who was very supportive and that’s how he started his journey as a Buyer’s Agent. What he loves the most about being a buyer’s agent is helping people with their purchases and shaping their future. He takes a client, sets their objectives, and exceeds their expectation because it’s his name on the line. This attitude is what makes Matt a successful buyer’s agent and property investor in Australia.

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