Raghav & Monika: 12 years Building, Developing and Investing

by Ben Handler

February 6, 2024

In over 12 years as property investors and developers, Monika Muthyam and Raghav Saggar have been able to transact over $30 million worth of real estate and also take on a range of award-winning building projects.

Coming from a professional background, Monika and Raghav knew that they wanted to build independent wealth and their passion for real estate drew them to investing.

Monika completed her first residential property development at the age of 19 and Raghav sourced and bought his initial investments at the age of 21. After finding early success, they realised that this was the right path for them.

“We started our journey very young,” Monika says.

“My Dad was my role model and he was always in this space, so I would learn from him and I got a great understanding of the whole process through his mentorship and advice.”

The couple worked in their professional careers for many years and spent their spare time taking on property developments and finding investment properties.

“We’ve been constantly investing, building architectural custom homes and doing residential development right across Australia,” Monika says.

“We kept growing our portfolios as a hobby, and have transacted over $30 million in property doing it all for ourselves.”

Their latest architecturally designed home has recently won a design award and also will set the record for the highest sales price in the entire district.

After finding so much success personally, the couple started to get approached by friends, family and members of their local community to help them build their own property portfolios and undertake projects.

“We started to spread out our research and not only do it for ourselves but also to help benefit others,” she explains.

“For us, the core of it is that we want to bring financial growth to as many people as possible.”

“We’ve never been precious about information ourselves because we find happiness in helping others.”

Raghav says that they have always tried to help others with property and investing and that’s why becoming a buyers agent was a natural fit.

“We were always more than happy to help anyone with property or finance,” Raghav says.

“It’s all about giving them that confidence and empowering them with knowledge as well, so they can take that next step.”

Raghav says they were able to become financially free with the help of property and now want to help others do the same.

The pair set up their buyer’s agency, Power to the Buyer and now help buyers find high-quality investment properties (even through SMSF), buy existing or building their own homes and residential developments right across the country.

Given their passion and dedication, within two weeks of launch, the couple were able to purchase six properties for clients and had a long pipeline of clients looking to use their services.

Raghav believes their big difference is their experie
nce and knowledge in development.
“One big advantage we have is our ability to identify properties with development potential,” he explains.

“Not a lot of people understand everything that can be done with a certain property.

“We also take the next step and talk to councils and town planners to make sure our clients are getting quality properties.

He says they ensure that they purchase in high-growth areas and prioritise properties with development potential so clients can maximise their returns with multiple options and strategies.

“We know what’s possible, what it’s going to cost and we also do a detailed feasibility so it’s clear,” he says.

Raghav says they also help clients build as well as manage projects and source land.

Monika says they also focus on developing investment strategies so people can reach their financial goals over time and understand what they need to do to get there.

Raghav and Monika worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and say it was a crucial step in getting their business off the ground in the right way.

“I did the course even with over 12 years experience in property and it was a big advantage as it really helps you fast track the launch of your business,” Raghav says.

“It teaches you how to enter the market, capitalise on your network and generate leads.

“The amount of detail and knowledge that Ben goes into, it really helps.”

Looking forward, Raghav and Monika are going to continue to expand their business. They are hoping to purchase over 50 properties this year on behalf of their clients.

“We want to go as far as it can take us,” Raghav says.

“This is a place that we’re very passionate about, that we have proven results and expertise in so we don’t want to put a ceiling on where we can go,” Monika says.

“We want to make this as successful as possible.”

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