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Top buyer's agents explain how they have achieved massive success in the industry from buying their first property to now owning multiple properties in Australia.

What It’s Like to Live Out Your Hobby

Peter Toma: It really started from my parents when they came here. They came here like many immigrants didn’t have much to start off with that just had this thing about property and he started investing in property and I was probably too young to really understand what was going on until later on in …

Find a Good Buyer Agent

Great Tips To Help You Find The Right Buyer’s Agent

Looking to buy a home quickly? Here’s how to find the right buyer’s agent to find you the perfect home fast. And to find the best Buyer’s Agent to meet all your needs Finding the right property is hard enough, but if you want to buy a home quickly, it can be downright tough. Mainly …

Buyers Agent Academy in Australia

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Trade Time For Money

Oliver Jackson: Yeah, I, I now focus 95% on investors and my thing is buy something 60 seventies eighties we value our potential, so something that can be renovated so you can increase your equity and something that can be subdivided. Not everyone subdivides it’s only a small number of people that want to go …

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