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Buyer's Agent John Comino

Educating Buyers

Coming from a career as an accountant, John Comino knew that property investing was his ticket out of the rat race. During the time he worked as an accountant, John and his wife were able to build a significant property portfolio and in the process learn what it takes to become a successful investor. “The …

Buyer's Agent Darren Piper

Helping Buyers

Darren Piper has been running his buyers agency, Universal Buyers Agents for 4.5 half years and in that time has seen both his business and the industry grow significantly. With a passion for property and a significant investment portfolio under his belt, Darren saw the opportunity to help on the buy-side and made to move …

Buyer's Agent Gus Lander on what flipping properties can do to you

This Is What Flipping Properties Can Do To You

Ben Handler: Welcome to the Buyer’s Agents Institute Show. The purpose of the show is to bring awareness to buyer’s agents, to bring awareness around the career opportunities that the buyer’s agent sector is providing people. To bring awareness around the value that buyer’s agents provide to people who need help buying property. Our goal …

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