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From Selling to Buying

After purchasing her first property as a 19-year-old, Sue Scott has gone on to build a large property portfolio that spans the globe. Sue has been involved in the industry in various capacities for many years and now works with her son Simon, at Scott Properties Group based out of Queensland. “I bought my first …

Why Become a Buyer’s Agent

Why Become a Buyer’s Agent?

Maybe you’re working 9 to 5 in an unfulfilling office job, or you’re out on the road each day doing something that really isn’t bringing you joy. It doesn’t have to be like this…  A career in property buying can open up a number of doors that you may not have ever known existed. With …

Buyer's Agent Darren Venter on why focus on process instead of outcome

Why Focus on Process Instead of Outcome?

Ben Handler: Welcome to the Buyer’s Agent Institute how. The purpose of the show is to bring awareness to buyer’s agents. Bring awareness around the career opportunities the sector is providing people. To bring awareness of the value that buyer’s agents are providing people who need help buying property. Ben Handler: Our goal of the …

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