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Helping New Migrants Buy A Home

After relocating to Australia from Germany, Joerg Mueller became interested in property and the power it had to create wealth. However, his first foray into buying was difficult because at the time he wasn’t familiar with the process and didn’t know the market well. It made him realise that he needed to get out and …

Helping First Home Buyers and Investors

After getting a taste for property when she purchased and renovated her first home, Rhoda Barsalli always felt that having a career in real estate was something she wanted to do. Soon after successfully tackling her first renovation project, she quickly moved on to buying another property and doing the process again and renting it …


Why Become A Buyer’s Agent In 2024?

With the recent downward tick in interest rates and price increases, Australia’s real estate market looks promising. Coinciding with this, is a surge in demand in the real estate industry for a lesser-known job title: the buyer’s agent. Thanks to the increased demand in the market, becoming a buyer’s agent has become an attractive alternative …

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