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Journey From Mental Health Nurse To Award-Winning Buyers Agent

Kristan’s transition from mental health nurse to successful business owner and buyer’s agent is a story of dedication, hard work, and significant change. Before founding Johnson Property Co. and becoming a finalist for prestigious awards, Kristan’s life was rooted in the healthcare industry, where he developed a deep understanding of human psychology and empathy. This …

City skyline of South Australian city, Adelaide with tall buildings and trees in the foreground.

How To Become A Buyer’s Agent In SA

How To Become A Buyer’s Agent In SA  With no end in sight to a booming property market, now is the time to launch a career as a buyer’s agent in South Australia (SA). In today’s competitive property market, buyer’s agents are more vital than ever, offering tailored advice and dedicated support to clients looking …

Data-Driven Buying

Growing up in a hardworking immigrant family, Allan Fernandes witnessed firsthand the challenges his parents faced and the long hours they dedicated to achieving financial stability. Inspired by their perseverance, Allan decided early on that he would strive for financial independence. “Ever since I was young, I’ve been constantly researching how to achieve financial freedom, …

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