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What Some Of Our Recent Students Are Saying

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Arjun Paliwal

Started www.investorkit.com.au

“I generated 485k in 1st 13 months.” Click Here

Goose Mcgrath & Gabi Billing

Started www.dashdot.com.au

“We signed up 41 clients in 1st 7.5 months.”

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Luke Bailey

Started www.fourtier.com.au

“I love the flexibility that this career provides. I generated 6 figures in year 1.” Click Here

Sanders Muleya

Works part time & started www.msisaproperty.com.au

“I purchased 9 properties in 1st 4 months.”

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Rachel Cruz

“I do not have a website. I have a 100pc referral based business. I generated 676k in my 3rd year”

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Client of Rachel Cruz

An example of how clients can feel after their experience with a Buyer’s Agent.

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Oliver Jackson

Started www.livingproperty.com.au

“I will never go back to a 9-5 job again. Spending more time with his kids each day is priceless.”

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Emily Wallace

Started www.emilywallace.com.au

“I have totally transformed my career since leaving my job in recruitment.”

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Jayne Robbins

Started www.theinformedbuyer.com.au

“I’m at a point now where I really love what I do now “


See what our most recent 143 students shared.

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