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Being a property developer I always wondered how I can make extra cash flow from development stock that I cannot develop myself due to financial capacity.

When I first heard about Ben, I had a feeling that somehow I could use his education program and turn it into the extra business revenue or even potentially a side business which would complement my property development business. I had him at the back of my mind for a while until one day I found a development site which I could not acquire being at my maximum financial capacity with other projects. That was the day when I realised that I can actually pass it on to other developers for a fee.

That day I joined the course and started my education towards expanding my connections through buyers agency business.

The Course was really great.

In the course, Ben is using a fundamental approach where apart from teaching business skills he also touches on your self-development that helps you to sustain your business development as a buyer’s agent. I believe it is the best way to learn and stay on track while implementing. He also upgrades your personal skills such as negotiation and communication skills which is crucial not only in the Real Estate but also in real life.

For me personally, the biggest breakthrough was to learn the system of prospecting and brand developing. His course is really well structured in a logical way so you would not notice how you become an expert in clients prospecting and marketing of your brand. You will increase your business activity and revenue of your business immediately after implementing what you learned from his course and the return on your investment will surplus 10x times and more.

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