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My journey with Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) commenced in January 2019 as I was sitting on a couch on a lazy afternoon browsing social media sites when I saw Ben Hander pop up talking about a niche professional business model one can set up for themselves by helping property buyers eliminate pain-points and how rewarding the buyer’s agent’s role is in the real estate industry.

I was all pumped that day to take action and pick up the phone and get more details. Undoubtedly; talking to Ben gave me a lot of comforts as I could easily join the dots and clear pathway on how I could do this for myself based on my core skill set, passion and experience in real estate with sharp business acumen.

Prior to launching ‘Find My Real Estate’; I had a very successful and rewarding career in a tech/consulting global organisation for more than a decade drawing a comfortable 6-figure salary at a senior position and I knew the decision to shift gears meant taking a step back; reflecting on my goals of having my own business which today feels like a long-standing dream come true!

I can’t thank Ben enough who helped me wet my feet and get comfortable in this uncharted territory that I was about to jump into which was possible through the BAI education program that is constantly evolving, no BS, succulent and direct providing a robust BA framework and a step by step proven system that laid the foundation for me to launch and operate my own buyers advocate business in a very short period of time effectively.

The ongoing weekly webinars are helpful to keep this real as the guest speakers help to deal with challenges on the ground and how to navigate your path in a dynamic fast-paced real estate environment with Ben personally doing Q&A’s on regular basis. Ben has built a community of BA’s who support each other whenever required by radiating a positive vibe and sharing experiences that help get through challenges.

Whilst this may not be everyone’s cup of tea; it has certainly changed my life and career forever! Like with any new venture; it is fair to say it takes a lot of energy, time and determination to keep hustling and get things in motion which I am glad I did as I now have the flexibility to design my own hours and spend more quality time with my family which is priceless.

I feel I have achieved my long-standing burning desire and looking forward to scaling my business to another level. I am glad I picked up the phone on that lazy afternoon! Thanks, Ben…

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Buyer's Agent Anubhav Aggarwal from Find My Real Estate

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