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It’s a BAI thing.

You want diversity, here’s diversity. Either that or I just can’t make up my mind.

The story so far: 30 years in the Army as a vehicle mechanic specialising in heavy diesel equipment such as Leopard main battle tanks, prime movers & earth moving equipment (five years) moving on to become a fixed and rotary-wing aircraft engine fitter (four years). A total change of tac and on to become a linguist with eventually six languages to my name (21 years), another nine years as a Defence civilian doing the same job with languages. Re-adjust for five years going back to my routes as a mechanical fitter in mining running an oil spectro-analysis lab in Indonesia and a fitters workshop in Kalgoorlie. A wine club CEO in Hong Kong, a micro-brewery manager and then a café owner in Canberra were interspersed by a stint of truck driving to keep things ticking over. I decided to try retirement. I reckoned at the time I deserved it.

I’d also been in sport all my life. Pretty much every code of footy in the Army, swimming and water polo, Defence Force Marathon Champion for six years, Captain of the Army X Country Ski Racing and Biathlon Team and recently State Champion, Australian Champion, Guinness World Record holder and World Championship silver medallist in Dragon Boat racing. Still competing in Brisbane.

So, what happened to retirement? After all that sporting around the place, sitting around the house getting fat and lazy in retirement just didn’t do it for me. The catalyst was that the house we had temporarily rented in Sydney was sold. The selling REA knew that I spoke Chinese, so he sent the mostly Chinese buyers in my direction during open home inspections. Long story short, all my Chinese friends and some Chinese Uni students who were rooming with us at the time all said that I had actually sold the house and that I should take up real estate.

NO WAY was I going to live with that stigma. High-pressure selling trying to convince someone to buy something they didn’t want wasn’t my game. However, my wife convinced me otherwise, in the way that only a wife can do. So persuasive sometimes aren’t they? So, into the REAA study books after our move to Brisvegas, I went. During that process and still dreading the thought of being a REA, I stumbled onto BAI and Ben Handler. It was like not only a light but a klieg light going on in my brain. I had once used a buyers agent during the early days of my 25 years investing career. I could help people buy their property! I’d done that three times already in any case for some friends and family. “Why don’t I become a Buyers Agent”? I mused. Well, I couldn’t think of any reason so here I am. YES! I didn’t have to be a REA. Woohoo!

The more I got into BAI, the more I found it hard to believe that there was this young multi-squillionaire property business success story on legs who was willing to help me along the way to being a multi-squillionaire property business success story.

During my BAI course, I flew to Sydney, specifically to meet Ben Handler and judge this bloke for myself. I was thinking there had to be something a bit “make a million dollars this week wealth coach”, a bit “Have I got a deal for you” about this bloke. Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong. Ben has not only special skills in business, but also a genuine desire to help others in their success journey and he works just as hard at getting others started as he does at his own business.

Ben’s energy is extremely infectious and runs right through the entire BAI organisation. Be you a newbie or an old property hand on the BAI forum, you only need to ask a question and there is any number of newbies or old property hands who jump on and answer your question or pass on advice to get you through.

Naturally, there are as many different business situations as there are people in BAI that will result in different levels and speed of success. Trade experience and education, business experience, life experience, opportunities and your life journey so far will help to determine your BAI journey. Personally, I quit my day job and put investment funds into going full-time BAI/Ben Handler prodigy. Should I become half the success story of Ben, I’ll be happy with that.

If you want to move ahead in being a property buyers agent, there wouldn’t be a better way to start the journey than to become involved with Ben and BAI. Anyone who has done that will tell you the same thing. It’s a BAI thing!

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