Tracey Williams | Property Pathway Solutions

I started the Buyers Agent Program after having an interest in getting into Real Estate through my love for property and helping friends and family through the buying property process as a hobby. It wasn’t until my daughter said ‘Mum you should be a Real Estate Agent’ that made me think more about changing careers.

I was really excited when I accidentally came across Buyer’s Agent Institute as it ticked all the boxes for me so signed up straight away.

I was very impressed with the learning experience the BAI provided and how they gave me everything I needed to start a Buyer’s Agent Business.

My business Property Pathway Solutions was launched on 23/7/22 in Tasmania, where a Buyer’s Agent is an untapped market so I love educating people about the Buyer’s Agent service. The positive reaction from the public has been amazing.

Thank you to BAI for helping and supporting me start my business and allow me to grow my passion and help and educate people to buy property.

An amazing opportunity.

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