Vaibhav “Rasti” Rastogi | Get Rare

Meeting Ben was a significant step in my new phase of life, and I am very grateful to him.

Having built my own property portfolio successfully and equipped with the background of Architecture as well as Investing, with the determination of making a difference to people’s life I was just not sure on how to go about it. Ben not only showcased how it can be done successfully but also sharing the nuts and bolts of running a Buyers Agency as a business. The BAI course provides step by step guide which a person would need to start the journey. The structure around the course is very descriptive, and the support system is excellent.

Ben differentiates himself from the pack with his educational approach, vast experience and authenticity. The Wednesday-catchups offer constant kick but also valuable market insights.

He is very passionate about helping people get ahead in the property game, and importantly very personable.

It is a must course for anyone keen to consider making an impact on people’s lives by serving as a Buyers Agent.

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Buyer's Agent Vaibhav "Rasti" Rastogi from Get Rare

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