Ben Handler | Founder & CEO

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The visionary behind BAI is a very rare person in the world of real estate, specifically within the Buyers’ Agent landscape. He is not just a teacher; he is actually a highly successful businessperson himself who is obsessed with creating change as an entrepreneur.

Ben Handler co-founded Australia’s largest Buyers Agency, Cohen Handler. During this time he helped build and lead the largest team of Buyers Agents in both residential and commercial, that purchased more than $3 billion worth of property. The properties were anywhere from residential family homes of up to 20 million plus, and investment properties up to 23 million.

BAI was created when Ben was still serving as the CEO at his former company, with the purpose to grow the number of Buyers Agents in Australia and provide them with the best systems and training. When you grow the largest company in your niche, you understand implicitly how systems, training and support is utilised to develop people, and build a high performing a business.

Ben and his team have trained the largest number of Buyers Agents in Australia with an unconditional commitment to helping people transform and perform at optimal levels. BAI is the platform that facilitates this journey of change.