Jack Henderson | Trelease Associates

When you are looking to learn something new, or in my case, change of career, there are hundreds of so-called gurus telling you they are the real deal – selling you crap.

I researched Ben, I even went to his office before he sold out. He built the largest company in his space so I want to learn.

I was working in the mines when I enrolled in BAI, I gave myself 1 year to immerse myself in the learning.

I’m 8 months into my first year, and I’ve generated 760k. The program and the BAI community delivers real results.

BAI delivers real results and very strong support. I’ve invested in a lot of training – this is a standout.

Vaibhav “Rasti” Rastogi | Get Rare

Buyer's Agent Vaibhav "Rasti" Rastogi from Get Rare

Meeting Ben was a significant step in my new phase of life, and I am very grateful to him.

Having built my own property portfolio successfully and equipped with the background of Architecture as well as Investing, with the determination of making a difference to people’s life I was just not sure on how to go about it. Ben not only showcased how it can be done successfully but also sharing the nuts and bolts of running a Buyers Agency as a business. The BAI course provides step by step guide which a person would need to start the journey. The structure around the course is very descriptive, and the support system is excellent.

Ben differentiates himself from the pack with his educational approach, vast experience and authenticity. The Wednesday-catchups offer constant kick but also valuable market insights.

He is very passionate about helping people get ahead in the property game, and importantly very personable.

It is a must course for anyone keen to consider making an impact on people’s lives by serving as a Buyers Agent.

Marina Shatalova | Marble St. Pty Ltd

Buyer's Agent Marina Shatalova from Marble St Pty Ltd

I met Ben in September 2019. Being a licensed estate agent, I worked in sales for 4 years. At that time, I quit a well-paid job to become an entrepreneur, a Buyer/Vendor Advocate.

My intentions were to help people buying/selling their main assets keeping high ethical standards. However, with no proper system in place, I soon started sinking.

Ben’s course has made a huge impact on the whole situation. It gave me the right structure, group support and I have learned networking.

Ben shares a lot of industry insides and as a group, we have weekly online meetings.

From September 2019 to September 2020 I have made a six-figure income working part-time, have saved my clients from $45k to $205k per purchase.

It would not be possible without completing the course and Ben’s guidance.

Melinda Jennison | Streamline Property

I was already working in the industry as a Buyer’s Agent with another firm when I enrolled in the Buyer’s Agent Institute course. I think I may have been one of the earliest students to complete the course when it was first released to the market.

What I learnt was exactly what I needed to take the next step in my career and start my own Buyer’s Agency business in Brisbane. There was nothing else in the market available at that time to help me with the transition.

I’ve now set up a successful company, Streamline Property Buyers, with 3 other full-time Buyers’ Agents and I get to do what I love and what I’m passionate about every day.

Raj Mann | Raj Mann – Buyer’s Agent

Buyer's Agent Raj Mann

Ben is a remarkable teacher!

He is passionate, knowledgeable, genuine and gives so much of his time to help you succeed. He is easily accessible when you need him and goes above and beyond to make sure your questions are answered and that you feel supported along the way.

Thank you for all the support and inspiration while I navigate through a new business and industry.

Sanjeev Sah | Investors Dream

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BAI is an excellent online course and a community to learn about Buyer’s Agent business.

BAI not only taught me how to successfully run my business on a day to day basis, but it also provided with all the tools, techniques & processes required to run and grow my business.

Most importantly helped changed my mindset, which was not easy for me especially coming from a 9-5 job background and never had any business experience.

Personally being mentored and having the opportunity to directly learn from Ben Handler, is just a privilege and amazing opportunity in itself.

Without BAI course & their continuous support, I don’t know even if I would have the courage to start my BA business and the kind of results I am getting right now is just unbelievable.

I am really grateful to Ben Handler and the entire community for everything. Thank you!!

Arjun Paliwal | Investor Kit

Buyer's Agent Arjun Paliwal from Investor Kit

I came from a corporate background in CBA. In my first 13months as a Buyer’s Agent, I have built up my business close to 485k.

In BAI, you learn from someone who built up Australia’s largest Buyer’s Agent business, rolled out more that 5 offices, hired and trained the most amount of Buyer’s Agent, developed 1st class systems.

It’s refreshing learning from Ben who has executed at scale. The results you achieve is a reflection of BAI.

Gabi Billing and Goose McGrath | Dashdot – Property Buyer’s Agents

uyer's Agents Gabi Billing and Goose McGrath from Dashdot

When I was forecasting what my 1st year as a Buyer’s Agent would look like, I felt working with 10 clients was realistic.

In less than 8 months, we signed up 41 clients. We run a remote borderless investment business model.

For anyone looking to get into the Buyer’s Agent space or looking to sharpen your business skills, BAI is a must. Ben is a genius who been there and executed.

Luke Bailey | Fourtier Property Advocates

Luke Bailey1

I used to work as an electrician. After joining BAI and starting my Buyer’s Agent business, my entire life has taken the most incredible turn.

I’ve done many educational programs in my time. BAI is the only program that actually teaches you business skills, how to be prepared to run and grow a business.

I didn’t think that I would generate 6 figures so quick and help so many clients.

Sue and Simon Scott | Scott Properties Group

Buyer's Agents Sue & SImon Scott from Scott Properties

After chatting with Ben a couple of years ago, it was clear that he was the right person to put our faith in to achieve our upskilling goals.

We now have a growing and successful International BA business.

Ben and BAI is the real deal!