Talent: Connecting Skilled Professionals with Businesses in Need

With increased demand from homeowners and investors wanting to use Buyer’s Agents, more real estate businesses are keen to have their own Buyer’s Agent Division. At Buyer’s Agent Institute, we’ve made this easy. Established by Ben Handler, BAI has trained many buyer’s agents Australia-wide. We can help you source experienced and highly-trained Buyer’s Agents to work with your real estate company. Need help with other business functions? Our consulting service has you covered.

Why Choose Us?

A highly trained and well-organised Buyer’s Agent Division expands your real estate business and helps it stand out from the crowded market. Our Buyer’s Agents are taught by highly successful real estate leaders at the top of their industry. Our Talent Service connects professional and skilled Buyer’s Agents with real estate businesses.

What Does Our Talent Service Offer for Your Business?

Buyer’s Agents Institute Talent Service takes the stress out of recruiting Buyer’s Agents. Our Buyer’s Agent talent pool includes highly trained, ambitious, and personable people. With up-to-date skills and know-how gained from our in-depth training, our Buyer’s Agents can help you access new sources of revenue.

Sourcing Buyer’s Agents

It’s not easy finding the right talent for your business. Buyer’s Agent Institute Talent Service aims to match outstanding people with your business. We have access to a large pool of highly trained, ambitious Buyer’s Agents. And if you’ve got up-and-coming newcomers who would be great Buyer’s Agents, we can teach them.

Identifying Key Roles

We have access to the best Buyer’s Agents Australia-wide and can also help you recruit other professionals, including staff, for:

  • Sales,
  • Operations,
  • Marketing and Advertising, 
  • Property Management, and
  • Administration.

Matching Skilled Professionals with Businesses

Finding outstanding talent for your business isn’t always easy. The Buyer’s Agent Institute can help source Buyer’s Agents for your real estate business. With years of experience building networks, we have our finger on the pulse and know which people are ambitious and the right match for you.

Successful Business With Our Talents

Feature testimonials from businesses who have achieved success through BAI’s consultation service

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Enhance Your Business with Our Talent Service

Choosing the right employees for your real estate business is crucial. Our Talent Service matches experienced and passionate Buyer Agents with companies throughout Australia. The Buyer’s Agent Institute community includes talented Buyer Agents and real estate business owners at the top of their field.


What Can Our Buyer’s Agents Do For Your Business?

Our Buyer’s Agents are trained and coached to support your clients throughout the property-buying journey. From creating a detailed brief, getting access to off-market properties, organising inspections, and negotiating the sale price. Establishing a Buyer’s Agent Division will build revenue while improving your business reputation as a leader in the industry.

What Other Roles Can You Help Us With?

We have years of experience and many connections; our Talent Service can also find the right people for other roles in your business, including administration, sales, property management and marketing. Contact us here to find out more.

Are Your Talents Experienced?

Buyer’s Agent Institute attracts highly motivated, passionate, and driven people who strive for success. Our in-depth training and coaching provide our Buyer’s Agents with up-to-date industry knowledge that includes:

  • Fair trading, code of conduct, values, and contracts.
  • Relationship building and negotiation skills.
  • How to find the right property for buyers, including off-market opportunities.
  • The best way to represent buyers at auction.
  • How to create long-lasting relationships with Real Estate Agents.