#17 – Why You Should Think Outside The Box with Trent Iverson

by Ben Handler

August 12, 2020

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The property business in Australia is very vibrant. It has countless opportunities and avenues for those who like to think out of the box. One such person is Mr. Trent Iverson. Trent Iverson has been running a property agent business called Harris Iverson for the last 2 years.

He has over 20 years of experience in corporate sales and marketing. After attaining success in the corporate world, he shifted his focus towards establishing his own business. He went on the entrepreneurial route and successfully exited that business.

The Hybrid Model

Stepping into the property business, Trent started off as a Buyers Agent. His success in business has come from his inner circle and previous networks around the suburbs of Sydney. He had bought a property in Hawkesbury district and people started coming up to him asking if he can help them in sales. He helped them sell their properties and quickly realized that he had much more to offer than just being a sales agent.

The same people who sold their properties also had to buy new ones. So, Trent became their Buyers Agent in the next deal. He recognized the fact that buyers are sellers and sellers are buyers. There are many tight regulations regarding representing both the buyer and the seller but they are very distinct in the transaction. Hence, he never represented both parties in the same deal.

When people come up to him asking to sell, the first question he asks is why aren’t you choosing the top agent in your area and mostly the answer is that they don’t have an established relationship with them. Trent then became their co-representative in the deal. But his fee comes from the co-agent and not the buyers.

Commercial Property Deals

As a property manager, Trent has not limited his vision to just one niche. This has played a big part in his success. Every new business has its challenges, the way to overcome them you have to be flexible. If you are rigid in the first 12 months of your business, it’s not great. If you see an opportunity, put some fuel on it and explore.

These opportunities came to him in the form of commercial properties. Commercial deals were relatively new for him. Property portfolios in the residential and investment level are a bit saturated and now he was looking for opportunities in the commercial sector.

Commercial property trading has less emotion attached to it. Since his property business was relatively new, the main problem was cash flow. He wanted to become a Buyers Agent, but saw opportunities along the way and took them. That allowed him to increase his network.

Future Goals

Trent’s journey has been one of diversification. He is a Buyer Agent, a real estate agent, and is also involved in property management. He also buys property and his portfolio is now up to 12. However, he did not lurk into the investor market.

His 2020 goals are to introduce the rentvest model, looking for cash positive properties and also a commercial market.

Commercial  properties are a big space. Trent gets a little bit creative in his process. He works with their financial advisors and accountants.

Similarly, the rentvest model is a national style of investment. Because a lot of people are renting and don’t want to change their lifestyle. to get comprehensive insights, listen to his full podcast below

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