Tony Amato: The Newcastle Specialist

by Ben Handler

March 19, 2024

Tony Amato has been an active property investor for over 20 years and along with his wife has purchased over eight properties and done a number of renovations and flips along the way.


While running another business, Tony only saw property as a part-time venture and something to help him build wealth for the future.


However, when he discovered that he could use his knowledge and skills to help others, he realised that he wanted to pursue property on a more permanent basis.


“We’ve done quite a lot over 20 years as a side gig in terms of the property buying and investing,” Tony says.


“We were both working in the pharmaceutical industry in 2008 and we decided that we wanted to be more family-focused and stay around home.


He said they had initially looked at buying a real estate agency but eventually went into running another small business.


In 2019, he discovered what a buyer’s agent was and immediately knew this was the career he was meant to be doing.


“I thought, you know what, this ticks so many boxes for us,” he explains.


“I think that’s the way it should go.”


Tony then established Amato Property based in Newcastle and set about helping buyers find high-quality properties in that area.


He says that while getting the business off the ground took some time, he was able to break through thanks to consistently building relationships.


“Probably 90 per cent of our clients are referral based, whether that’s previous clients or mortgage brokers, or real estate agents,” he says.


“So it’s just those networks and the consistency.”


He says he looks to help a combination of investors and owner-occupier buyers in the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle area.


“We’re really becoming a specialist in this area and we’re helping a lot of people now who are actually relocating here as well,” he explains.


“The lifestyle here is just magic, so it’s nice to be able to share that.”


Tony worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) to help get the business off the ground and says it’s played a key role in his success.


“I think it gave a really good foundation and helped me with the fundamentals because I’d never heard about a buyer’s agent, as a career previously,” he says.


‘I’ve joined the Everest program as well now which has been fantastic, and it really helped refine our offering, and the support amongst that is awesome.”


Tony says while his career has been going strong, it has taken time to build up.


“When we started out, we had a scattergun approach where we just wanted clients, no matter where they came from,” he says.


“And it’s taken quite a lot of time to realise that if we focus our offering and concentrate on our particular areas of value, then clients will actually come to us.


“You don’t have to be everything to everyone.”


He says his current goal is to keep on growing the business and steadily increase his client base.


Tony says that for new people looking to get into the industry, you need to be prepared to do the work.


“Just follow the process,” he believes


“It’s not easy and I don’t think people should go in there thinking that’s just an easy from day one.


“Just stick to the program and keep working at it.”


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