Transforming Lives Through Property

by Ben Handler

October 24, 2023

For Adam Fahey, property has been a lot more than just a career – it’s been about helping people get more out of their lives.

With over 20 years of experience in property strategy, property development and construction management and a host of qualifications including a postgraduate degree in property economics, Adam understands how property works and the way to get the most out of it.

His passion for real estate started at a young age and he has also been an investor for over 15 years.

“I bought my first property back in 2006 while I was forging a career in the property industry,” Adam says.

“Initially in the construction sector before going on to work for some of Australia’s biggest companies doing property development when I was at Woolies and Stockland.

“I eventually found a bit of a niche in property development in the aged care sector.”

Adam led a team of property professionals for a large aged care organisation in the not-for-profit sector and was responsible for all aspects of property, including acquiring development sites, selling sites, selling aged care buildings all the way through development and construction.

He’s also gone on to purchase multiple investment properties and build a portfolio across the country.

Adam realised that while his passion was in property, he wanted to be able to help more people and felt that the corporate path wasn’t the right place for that. When COVID hit, he realised that it was the perfect opportunity to start his own business as a buyers agent and impact people more directly.

Initially, he launched his own business, Actuate Property based in Sydney while still working, before going full-time.

Adam now focusing on helping large corporate clients locate development sites and commercial buildings as well as assisting residential investors who are looking to build a property portfolio.

“I’m very values-based and I like making a difference to people’s lives,” he says.

“I love working with individuals and companies where I can add value to their lives and their own objectives.”

Adam says that while his business got off to a good start given his large professional network he’s found that being more active in his outreach has helped get it moving forward faster.

Adam worked with the Buyers Agent Institute (BAI) and said that it has been instrumental in helping him move his business forward.

“Recently, I’ve joined the Everest program and that’s really forced my hand to be accountable for my own actions,” he explains.

“It’s about being accountable to yourself and having the right mindset.

“If you’re manifesting your objectives and your goals, instead of the pathway to get there and hold yourself to account it’ll happen.”

Looking forward, Adam is aiming to continue to grow his business and scale up what he’s doing.

“In five years time, I’d like to have a small team and multiple offices based in Sydney and South East Queensland,” he says.

“While it’s a long way away, if I keep that right mindset and approach for the duration of time, great things are bound to happen.”

Adam says that for people wanting to get into the industry, it’s important to get around people who are on a similar journey.

“Surround yourself with people who have had some wins and those that have had some struggles as well and just take that all in be very measured and methodical in your approach and never give up,” he believes.

“The day you give up is the day that you don’t achieve your personal goals and your own aspirations.

“It’s about being persistent and resilient to any challenge that gets thrown your way.”

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