#18 – Treat Your Customers Like They Own You – Because They Do With Craig Hale And Drew Keenan

by Ben Handler

August 5, 2020

How to become a good buyer agent

Buyers Agents are on a mission, and that is to facilitate people in purchasing residential and commercial properties. Individuals, couples, and business owners are continuously looking to expand and improve their living facilities but not all have the liberty of investing extra time and effort for property stock evaluation.

The same was the case with Craig and Drew Hale. Both are entrepreneurs and with 2 daughters who worked with Rachel, a buyers agent. Rachel helped them to buy their home as they wanted to expand their living space.

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Perks of using a Buyers Agent

Craig and Drew used to live in the United States. When they moved to Australia, they wanted to buy a new property. Since they had daughters, ran multiple businesses and had a shortage of time, going out and looking for properties was out of the question for them.

The idea of a Buyers Agent is well known in the US and so they decided to look for one. They were introduced to Rachel through a mutual friend. They had no doubts about her abilities as she came recommended.

As they are businessmen themselves, they always seek the advice of experts. Buying property is a big decision and it is ill-advised not to take help from someone who works in the industry. They didn’t realize that Buyers Agents were specialized in certain areas. Luckily for them, Rachel had experience buying properties for previous clients in the same area as they were interested in. That turned out to be invaluable for them.

Buyer's Agent fees

Buyer’s Agent Fee

Some people consider the Buyer’s agent fee as an extra cost in the buying process and try to avoid it. When asked the same question from Craig and Dave, they said that they had no objection paying the fee. The fee is a small percentage of the total price property.

The reason for that is the level of trust that Rachel developed, her calm personality, and the amount of stock she had available was no match for the fee. In their opinion, if you don’t utilize a Buyers Agent, you end up spending more than the fee if you are emotionally attached to the property. Rachel provided access to opportunities and properties which they did not know of.

Another advantage of using a Buyers Agent is that they know the narrative put out by the sales agent. They know the tricks of the trade. Some sellers are more motivated to sell due to certain reasons. Knowing those helps buyers save a lot of money on the deal.

Using a Buyers Agent eliminates the stress that someone is playing a game on you. The thing to realize is that vendors and real estate agents are also people, you have to bring humanity in the deal. And that is the job of the Buyers Agent.

When asked whether Craig and Drew would use a Buyers Agent in the future, their answer was yes. Having connections, knowing the right value, having access to the property, are some of the added advantages that Buyers Agents bring to the table.

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