#22 – Why Work-Life Balance Is The New Currency With George O’Brien

by Ben Handler

July 6, 2020

Balance Life

Being a buyers agent is a lifestyle that allows you to build meaningful relationships with your clients all the while having the freedom of living life at your terms. Freedom is one of the main reasons most people quit their 9-5 to become a buyers agent.

This week’s success story is about George O’Brien who is a young and ambitious individual making his name as a successful buyers agent. He is based in Newcastle and specializes in investment and principal place of residence.

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The will to succeed

George started his career in sports but due to several injuries was unable to continue. He was introduced to mining apprenticeship where he applied for 4 categories and was selected in all four. Earning 140 AUD/ year is everything a young Aussie can ask for but for George, there was something missing.

That something was pointed out by his father who advised him to buy his first property at the age of 19. That asset sparked the light bulb in his head and he started to read books and listen to podcasts especially the ones from Buyers Agent Institute.

This motivated him to start building his portfolio that now includes 4 properties.

The transition to a better life

Having an entrepreneurial mindset is crucial for individual thinking of starting their career as a buyers agent in Australia. George built up his confidence in the fact that he had knowledge and connections to penetrate the Newcastle property scene. This combined with the added advantage that his family was well known in the region was enough for him to take the leap of faith.

He started intelligently by using social media to his advantage. By marketing his services on Instagram, he made connections and when enough queries were coming in, he knew it was time to launch his business.

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Perks of your own business

At first, George thought that he would work with a well-reputed firm to learn the tricks of the trade but he quickly realized what he would be putting at stake by doing so, his freedom. He wanted to have the freedom of doing exercise, running, yoga, etc. at his own free will. That was the real perk of having your own business.

So he built up his knowledge base, focused on self-development, and worked towards a holistic approach towards his life.

Building Relationships

Building meaningful relationships has always been one of his top priorities. At the end of the day, you are responsible for handling the most important deal of someone’s life. There is no other feeling like seeing the smile on their face when the deal is complete.

For his first deal, George helped move his client into his new home in Newcastle by using his father’s truck. That is the kind of person George is. He has a hunger for learning new skills that will help improve his personality.

Being in control of big investment and helping people is super fulfilling. One thing he has learned during his time as a buyers agent is being grateful. Being in control of big investment and helping people is super fulfilling and you have to be respectful of the fact that its people’s life earning involved.

George always wanted to be the best at what he does. He is super driven to be the best buyers agent in the area and be a person of influence. His advice to people stuck in the 9-5 is to put their money in the right market, and if they get the first property right, they can have a real good base to build on.

You can listen to the full podcast below.

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