At Buyer’s Agent Institute, we are committed to the success of our graduates in their careers. We truly mean this, which is why we offer ongoing support programs such as the Everest Program to ensure you always have access to a mentor or coach for professional guidance even after completing our Accelerator course.

Why Choose the Everest Program?

Our Everest Program provides you with unique access to a carefully curated mentorship group to successfully ascend career tiers as a buyer’s agent. Here’s why you must choose our Everest Program:


When you enrol in our Everest Program, you are placed in a private group facilitated by specialised coaches, aka Sherpas. This flagship coaching and mentoring program caters to Buyer’s Agents seeking more individualised one-on-one coaching. It’s perfect for those who are determined to become a top-notch Buyer’s Agent and want the tremendous benefits of personalised coaching and mentoring. Everest offers a tailored support system and a personal Sherpa to help you overcome obstacles and reach career goals by combating self-limiting beliefs.

Your Journey: Basecamp, K2, Everest

The program is structured into three tiers: Basecamp, K2, and Everest. Ben Handler, the Founder and CEO of the Buyer’s Agent Institute, specially created this tier system based on his own experience and what he wished he had when he started. Each tier represents an advanced level of mastery in the Buyer’s Agent domain. The Basecamp is the starting point for beginners with little to no experience. K2 is the intermediate level, while Everest is the most advanced level. As students progress through each tier, they’ll learn new skills and gain a deeper understanding of how to become successful property buyer’s agents.

Success Stories from Our Everest Graduates

Our BAI graduates share how the Everest Program helped them access private coaching and mentorship that helped them be mindful of the mental roadblocks that were impeding their real estate career growth. 

Enroll in Our Everest Program Today

Learning to become a successful buyer’s agent takes more than figuring out the coursework. You need access to a high-value support group that helps you push your boundaries and practically implement your learnings. 

With our Everest coaching program, you can do just that!

Receive private mentoring sessions and hone your communication skills. Develop negotiation tactics that help you become better at customer service

Don’t wait. Enrol for our Everest Program today!

Enroll in Our Everest Program Today

Want to become a successful buyer’s agent and learn how to market homes and negotiate the best deals for your clients? 

Then our Everest Program is just the perfect fit for you! 

Curated with the sole aim of helping aspiring and established buyer agents learn the ropes of skillful negotiation and communication in real estate, our program will help you to get the most out of our comprehensive curriculum and put it into practice to deliver exceptional services to your clients. 

Enrol today and take the first step toward a thriving future!


How To Be A Successful Buyer’s Agent?

To become a successful buyer’s agent, you must have a sound understanding of the local real estate market and be able to share valuable insights with your clients. This means knowing more than they can find on any real estate website. You also must offer a no strings attached home buying consultation so that your clients can trust you and genuinely feel that you are interested in helping them find the home of their dreams. Also, staying organised and creating a systemised process helps create a consistent client experience, significantly improving your chances of getting a referral.  

What if I haven’t finished the course or received my license? 

We get it, sometimes completing the course and obtaining your license can be difficult which is why we have 3 different levels Base Camp, K2, Everest. Everest has been the solution for those who need to kick start and speed up their journey, or reinspire them we the going gets tough.

What if I haven’t signed a client yet? 

We have students at all levels in Everest, some are just starting out and have yet to sign a client. They joined Everest to get additional support from someone who is further down the road, and who could guide them through all the “firsts” you experience when starting out. Imagine having someone you could speak to before your first open, first client meeting, first auction, this is the level of support you can expect to receive in Everest.

I started the course some time ago, and I have my licence but haven’t done anything, is Everest for me? 

If you have gone through all of this, and still want to be a Buyer’s Agent, then YES. Everest has been the re-starter many of our members needed to continue with their pursuit to be a Buyer’s Agent.

I’ve been successful in signing a few clients, but struggling to keep consistency, can Everest help? 

This is one of the most common reasons members look to join Everest because they have no structure to follow or guidance on where to focus efforts. At the beginning you will be going after your first clients, when you sign them, you get focused on servicing the clients and forget to continue prospecting. Everest can assist with creating a plan and providing guidance from your dedicated coach.

My business has been growing, but I’m looking to speed up the growth. Can Everest help me grow faster? 

Imagine having the playbook from Buyers Agents who have already travelled the path you are wanting to travel, someone who has made mistakes and can guide around them. Having this information and access to a coach can speed up the growth of your business dramatically. Some of our members have seen $200k + growth in the first few months of joining Everest.

I’m struggling with processes and systems in my business. Does Everest cover this part of my business?

The best way to think of Everest is a specialised business coaching program just for Buyer’s Agents. Nothing else like it exists, which is why we created it. We give you insights to operating Agencies and provide the exact processes they use to work with clients and expand their businesses. Creating processes and a structure is a major component of what you’ll learn inside of Everest.