Accelerate Your Career with Our Buyer’s Agent Course

Buyer’s Agent Institute’s Accelerator Program is exclusively tailored to help you learn the essentials of becoming a successful buyer’s agent. In just 7 weeks you’ll have the skills to launch your personal real estate business and market yourself effectively. 

By focusing on the fundamentals, while also encouraging creative problem-solving, our Accelerator Program emphasises the importance of mastering the basics and fostering innovative approaches to real estate problem-solving. As a result, participants emerge as knowledgeable, versatile real estate professionals who possess a deep understanding of their field. Read on to learn why our course is the perfect fit for you!

Why Choose Our Buyer’s Agent Course?

Our Buyer’s Agent course is unparalleled because of its:

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Buyer’s Agent Course offers a rigorous training program for ambitious people dedicated to excelling as buyer’s agents. We offer a curriculum that will not only help you master the fundamentals of the buyer’s agent role but will also give you valuable insight into the latest industry trends and strategies for success.

Basic touch points of our Buyer’s Agent  Course include:

      • Establishing buyer requirements.
      • Sourcing properties that meet buyers’ requirements.
      • Negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer.
      • Dealing with non-qualified prospects.
      • Seeking referrals.
      • Creating value-added services.
      • Practising time management.
      • Developing buyers’ checklists.

Expert Coaching and Mentoring

Our training goes beyond simply providing the knowledge and tools needed to be a successful negotiator. It also helps to ensure that both buyer and agent are secure and protected in the transaction.

This is only possible through our dedicated faculty that strives to create a collaborative learning environment. Our coaches provide the students with the latest real-estate strategies, and essential learnings to help them succeed in their careers as buyer agents.

Even when you finish your 7-week Accelerator Program, you won’t be left on your own! That’s because we like to keep our students in the loop and hence offer weekly live coaching clinics where you can ask any relevant queries and engage in discussions about buying property. Also, did you know that as a new student of the accelerator program, you’ll have access to all six coaches every week of the year for the first 12 months of your subscription? This is us playing our part in helping you avoid common pitfalls and learning to navigate the complex world of real estate with confidence.

Success Stories from Our Graduates

Our graduates share how the BAI’s Accelerator program helped them to leverage their expertise in analyzing market trends, pricing strategies and negotiation tactics to enable them to provide exceptional services to their clients! 

Success Stories

Kristan Johnson: Helping Buyers Through Emotional Purchases

Despite buying his first investment property when he was 23 and ‘making every mistake in the book’, Kristan Johnson, could see that property was the right path for him to create wealth.    The former mental health nurse turned entrepreneur, knew he wanted to make the move into property eventually but at the time didn’t …

Helping First Home Buyers and Investors Realise Their Dreams

When Kelly Burns was negotiating the purchase of her first property, she clearly remembers that feeling of being overwhelmed and wishing she had someone there to help. While she was able to successfully buy the property and go on to grow her portfolio, as a first-time buyer she knows how tough it can be. “It …

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How to Become a Buyer’s Agent in Victoria

How To Become a Buyer’s Agent in Victoria Thinking of becoming a buyer’s agent in Victoria? Great move! The career of a buyer’s agent can be thrilling, rewarding, and flexible. But it’s not all making deals. It’s about being a key advisor people rely upon to navigate through the complexities of real estate – by …

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If you are looking to enter the thriving world of real estate as a Buyer’s Agent, then our BA Accelerator Program is just the right fit for you.

With its comprehensive curriculum and expert coaching, it offers you hands-on training to help you hit the ground running and start your career as a successful buyer’s agent.

So what are you waiting for? Enrol in our Buyer’s Agent Course today and sign up for a thriving future in the world of real estate!


How much does a Buyer’s Agent earn?

SalaryExpert reports that a buyer’s agent in Australia earns an average gross salary of $73,082 annually. This is equivalent to an hourly rate of $35. On top of that, they earn an average bonus of $9,552. It is important to note that these figures are not definitive and can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the specific arrangement between the buyer’s agent and their client.

What are the job opportunities for a Buyer’s Agent?

Job opportunities abound for buyer’s agents since it is a highly in-demand profession. With a sound understanding of the local property market and excellent negotiation skills, Buyer’s Agents can work for real estate agencies or may even kickstart their freelance agent business. They also have the opportunity to specialise in particular types of properties, such as residential or commercial real estate. Additionally, some may work with specific clients, such as first-time homebuyers or investors. Irrespective of their line of focus, buyer’s agents can have a lucrative career if they are empathetic, learned, and focused.  

How do I become a Buyer’s Agent?

At BAI, we are committed to helping you reach your goals, so enrolling in our Accelerator Program is the best way to jumpstart your career as a buyer’s agent. Our program offers comprehensive training and an extensive support network to ensure success. Please note that we do not provide qualifications for licenses. You must apply for a real estate agent separately to work in the Real Estate Industry. We help you by harnessing your real estate potential to help you skyrocket your income.