A Few Stories


Ben Handler of the Buyer’s Agent Institute (BAI) – has always had time for me and is deeply invested into his students success.

His course lays the foundations of learning how to become a BA from the ground up, and when I started to really build the business his mentoring program helped me to level up after coming from a very different industry where business building was not my forte.

I have a lot of time for Ben, and thank him for what he’s helped me achieve.

Sam Gordon

I started my own business “Universal buyers agents” 4 years ago and haven’t looked back. After 3 years of operating my business I decided I wanted more out of the space, I decided to enrol in Ben’s course.
What an absolute game changer!

The enrolment process was very easy and from then on I felt extremely well supported. There were reminder emails, constant communication and it made it feel like you weren’t just left to your own devices. Ben and the team are 100% committed to the success of the students.

The content was clear and easy to read and provided immense value to me.

Overall, this was a positive experience and I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a buyers agent or is already a buyer’s agent and wants to upskill further. Since enrolling I’ve close to doubled my business and now have Ben as a personal coach through the mastermind group. Onwards and upwards!

Darren Piper

Having joined the Buyers Agents Institute I was super charged up by the initial welcome phone call by Ben Handler. His calm and knowledgeable approach instantly made me want to sign up and become a member of the BA community he built. Since I joined on Valentines Day earlier this year I have learnt so much more about myself which I didn’t think was possible but I also found amazing new friends for life, people I can call in the middle of the night and finding my self worth is just the highlight of it. It’s a place of motivation and an enthusiasm booster. Thanks Ben for having me.

Rumana Khan

It has been a pleasure working with Ben and the team at The Buyer’s Agent Institute. Great to see the Buyer’s Agent community grow, as awareness in the market place gains momentum that the buyer can now have representation on every real estate transaction across Australia. If you are thinking of joining the fastest growing sector in the Real Estate industry in Australia, then call Ben and the team at The Buyer’s Agent Institute to help open the doors to opportunity.

Edward Reavy

Having been a successful selling agent with 20 years experience I initially questioned how much I would actually get out of the BAI course. How wrong was I? You don’t know what you don’t know and there is always something to learn! Fantastic content and a course you can undertake at your own pace + terrific support from Ben and his team! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is considering either their own BA business or working for an established agency!

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Simon Thomas
Buyer's Agent

I can’t say enough about Ben’s course – the amount of information he shares with his students is truly amazing. It is in-depth, from his own learnings, which is priceless. Ben himself is very approachable and is always there to support his students whenever needed. He also continues to add valuable content, new webinars and specialist talks in different areas to assist in any way possible, to get the best outcome for your Buyers Agent journey. Thank You Ben!

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Caroline Toth
Buyer's Agent, Property & More

I honestly can’t recommend BAI, Ben Handler and his team highly enough. The training material is very well laid out, you have access to ongoing weekly live webinars as well as a library of past webinars available whenever you need them, however the true value comes from the support! Ben and Arna are extremely supportive and are always available to help. Some heavy hitters who have now built impressive businesses and are more than happy to help you on your journey. I’m now living my passion and purpose and have never been happier!

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Jay Peterson
Buyer's Agent

How blessed was I to have come across Ben and this course. Having been a young investor for 6+ years now, It’s always been a goal of mine to switch careers into real estate and test myself in the BA space. I knew I had the passion and the knowledge but I found it quite hard to quantify what I actually needed to do and the steps I needed to take to get the ball rolling and execute efficiently, not only from the business side, but the transactional, ethical and relational side of things also. The BAI course summed this up for me in SPADES.

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George O’Brien
Buyer's Agent, Future Property Co

Starting with BAI has been a real game changer for me, and I mean that in the best possible way. With 13 years out of the workforce and three children later, I felt the need to pursue a change that would help define my future and provide me with significant purpose. Being educated through BAI wasn’t only about the journey of becoming a Buyers Agent but it was a journey that helped me focus on becoming a better me.

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Laura Nercessian
Buyer's Agent

I have always wanted to get into real estate. There are so many pretenders and people who “fake” it who try and educate people. This can make it challenging when trying to select a mentor. Ben is legitimate and has actually run very successful businesses, plus, the results the students in the group are achieving is very good and a testament to this. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is dissatisfied with their career and who is looking to drive change in their life and grab it by the horns. Thanking you BAI 🙂

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Tom Carns
Buyer's Agent

I was very sceptical at the start of future value been added to me. I am an investor myself , however the entire education process changed my views. The content, pace and sources of information, context and even the contacts with right team ex. Solicitors like Leverage Group was brilliant. I credit Ben for this for making such a positive impact and creating an alternative way of earning a living whilst assisting and adding value to the wider community in general.

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Pradeep Laxminarayana
Buyer's Agent

I was watching BAI from the sidelines for quite some time. It’s been eye opening joining this wonderful community. The support has been outstanding .. I feel gratitude for joining this program. It is reassuring to see a company under-promise and over deliver. That is rare. Highly recommend this company.

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Brandon Hsu
Buyer's Agent

I am from the Real Estate industry already, l sell for a property developer. l realised there is a gap in the market & most property buyers do need advocates. l did Ben’s course and l am impressed with how practical it is. I am impressed by Ben, he is such a inspiration & a positive success story. I haven’t started as a BA as yet, but I can see Ben has created a very supportive community. I am thankful to Ben for the encouragement. His dedication is sincere. Thank you Ben

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Deepa Shaamol
Buyer's Agent

Having no previous experience in Sales, marketing or Real estate industry… the BAI course delivers exactly what is needed to kick it off. The self paced course takes you through the process as well as the mindset needed in real life to succeed. The support that’s provided by Ben and team is incredible including the webinars, collaboration with other organisations to get the licence and the community. Highly recommended!

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Senthil Kumar
Buyer's Agent

I’ve just started with BIA, and I am absolutely grateful and glad that I have come across Ben and BIA. It has helped me crystallise exactly what I need to do into actionable steps. Its essentially helped me put together ideas I had jumbled in my ahead for over a year, into an easy simple step by step action plan. Ben goes above and beyond to make sure any questions are answered and that you feel super supported along the way. Thank you Ben! Very grateful. Paula

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Paula Ospina
Buyer's Agent

Discovering the BAI course has opened up the doors to a new career for me. There is no way that I would have been able to transition careers so quick without the vast amount of information that is in Bens course. The content covers everything from where to go to set up a business, guidance on how to talk to clients and referral partners – and where and how to get them! Marketing, social media, templates for everything and so so much more. Thanks so much Ben for helping me start a new career so quickly!

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Michael Martin
Buyer's Agent

I first met Ben when I started my career as a buyers agent 8 years ago at Ben’s former company, CohenHandler. As a buyers agent now with almost a decade of experience, I can confidently say I am still learning from Ben to this very day, whether you are just starting your career or have years of experience like I do, there is always more to learn from someone like Ben who is constantly evolving and growing. For anyone that is looking for the most direct route to success in this industry, reach out to Ben, he is a wealth of knowledge and an expert in the BA space.

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Henry-James Single
Buyer's Agent, Pivot Property Buyers

Since joining the course I’ve felt support so support from the team and the student group. The knowledge available to draw upon and build you BA and Real Estate skills is truly awesome and I feel really empowered to move forward with building my business. Ben has been a great resource to draw on, is readily available for direct contact via a number of methods and is super helpful. Thanks so much to Ben and the BAI team. I’ve now been able to launch my business and already kicking goals!!!

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Andy Farr
Buyer's Agent

The Buyers Agent Institute buyers agent course was amazing. The best thing about this course unlike other courses I have done is that Ben personally makes contact with you and follows up with support. Being part of such a great group of like minded and supportive people is really amazing. Thanks Ben for your support I can’t wait to continue my journey as a buyers agent doing something finally I’m passionate about in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region.

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Chris Skurrie
Buyer's Agent, C&M Property Partners

I can’t recommend BAI and Ben Handler highly enough. The course is well structured, has easy to follow content, full of relevant information on how to become a high preforming buyers agent. Ben and the BAI online community is there to support you every step of the way on your journey. After being a property investor for 15 years it has enable me to set up my own buyer agent business where I can share my knowledge and experience with clients and help them achieve their goals and dreams.

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Brendan Shine
Buyer's Agent, Strategic Property Acquisition

I have been investing in properties for quite some time now to build my portfolio. It has served me well to give me financial freedom. Woohoo. Though I have been helping my friends and family throughout, it was only when I got in touch with Ben Handler and Kris Cochrane from Buyer’s Agent Institute that I realised my potential to broaden my circle of influence and reach out to many more to make an impact in their lives. I can’t recommend BAI more. Well done, Ben, Arna, Kris and rest of the BAI team. You are amazing. Thank you once again.

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Rasti Vaibhav
Buyer's Agent, Get Rare Properties

Although I have been involved in the QLD Real Estate sector for the past 20 years – the content of the BAI course was exceptional and definitely assisted me with my transition into confidently owning my own Buyers Agency operating in Brisbane. Ben Handler personally reached out to ensure that you were engaging with the BAI content and the after support through the webinars and closed Facebook groups are a definite value add. I would definitely recommend BAI if you are keen to become a Buyers Agent.

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Joanna Boyd
Buyer's Agent, Joanna Boyd Buyers Advocate

I completed the BAI course over 12 months ago, and have been operating my own Buyers Agency business for 8 months now. The course itself was great, full of information and delivered in an easy to understand way. Personally the biggest thing for me was Ben’s approachability! Ben was easily accessible when i needed him and needed to work on specific things he was ready and willing to help, super down to earth and increadibly humble! Would 100% recommend if becoming a buyers agent is your next step!

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Kyrillos Mansour
Buyer's Agent, First Brick Property Buyers Agency

Joining the Buyer’s Agent Institute really kick started my business. Ben is passionate, knowledgable and genuine and he gives so much of his time to help us all succeed. Thanks Ben and everyone at and in BAI for your support and motivation.

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Deborah Farquhar
Buyer's Agent, Feel At Home Real Estate

It has been such an incredible experience being part of BAI! The course is very well structured and provides all the tools that you need to be a buyer’s agent. During the course, what I was really grateful for was the shift of an employee to a business owner mindset. It really transformed my perspective on business and life. In addition to the course, there is a big support network group with weekly informative sessions. Thank you so much Ben Handler for all the inspiration and support on this journey!

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André Pereira
Buyer's Agent

Ben has created a practical and informative course that provides a great learning experience regardless of prior knowledge. Not only does the course provide a stepped approach to implementation, it also gives realistic insights into the likely successes and challenges of running a business. I could not recommend Ben or the BAI team more highly!

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Lachlan Vidler

Mr Ben Handler, what a champ! He’s a fantastic mentor. The institute, the network of professionals, the ongoing support and encouragement you get, is terrific. Thanks a million! X

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Very easy to navigate and the content is easy to digest. Ben explains things in an easy format whilst also providing some key details you can’t just find on google etc. Highly recommend!!

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Matt Srama
The Srama Group

I had the pleasure of working for Ben Hendler when he ran Cohen Handler. I had already been a buyer’s agent for many years but he taught me so much. I found Ben to be a great communicator, a natural educator and incredibly experienced in property buying. Being a buyer’s agent offers a wonderful lifestyle and I can’t recommend a better way of getting into the industry than through doing Ben’s course at the Buyer’s Agent Institute. Anyone who is lucky enough to work with Ben will grow on so many levels.

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Elaine Davies
Buyer's Agent

A well-structured course that has all the insight needed to become a Buyers Agent from scratch. Ben’s knowledge and wisdom is unparalleled – having completed the course has now given me the ammunition I need to kick start this wonderful space as a Buyers Agent – Thank you Ben Handler.

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David Mesaros
Buyer's Agent

I cannot speak more highly of Ben Handler and the Buyer’s Agent Institute. The course was extremely comprehensive and interesting and there is constant ongoing support from the team. I have loved learning all that I have. I really need to make special mention of Ben; he has been unbelievably helpful and supportive as I’ve navigated a new business and industry. I can’t recommend the institute more highly.

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Ophelia Heffernan
Buyer's Agent

Ben and his team are super helpful. Throughout the journey, if I’ve had any questions they are able to assist in many ways. They are all very supportive and guide you through the right path. I would highly recommend them as they have good intentions and do what is best for you and your interests

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Matthew Moussa
Buyer's Agent

Highly professional, genuine organisation.

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Geoff Carter
Buyer's Agent, Premier Property Buyers

Before starting the course I had an impression that it is a bit overpriced. A friend of mine was laughing at me when I told her about my commitment. But when I finished it, I realized that would have paid more. Ben has shared so much information, his experience, mistakes he made and the ways to avoid them! He gave us a step by step business model, a ready to implement system. Endlessly grateful

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Marina Shatalova
Buyer's Agent, Home Selling Support